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Xbox 360

Video gaming is the need of the hour and everyone seems to indulge in any sort of video game. No matter whether you see a child, teen, or adult playing video games will be their favorite pass time. With the rapid surge in the popularity of video games, video gaming tools have also been constantly on the rise.

One such example is that of PlayStations. Nearly everyone in the modern world has must hear of PlayStation at least once in their lives. Although PlayStation was once the champ of their category, recently they are facing ferocious competition with Xbox.

Xbox is the most prestigious video gaming aid that is the dream of everyone playing video games. Xbox has numerous variants like Xbox S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. These Xbox products are one of a kind and allow the users to get rid of the mouse and keyboards that become annoyingly tricky to use with video games.

Xbox 360 controller

All those gamers playing with mice and keyboards find it hard to remember countless keys and shortcuts for distinct functions and this keeps both their hands busy. This is great for a while but gets increasingly uneasy and annoying with the passage of the game.

As an alternative to this keyboard gaming players can get themselves a very trendy and top-notch Xbox controller. Although this sounds like a great suggestion, it is not entirely affordable as Xbox controllers are one costly alternative that demands you to break your bank at least once.

If you are one of those lucky video game players who have got your hands on the infamous Xbox 360 controller you must be wondering how to connect it with your PC. The connection process becomes complicated once you don’t have access to the receiver. If you lack an Xbox receiver and want to connect it with your gaming PC get hooked to your screens and go through our review.

Why Is It Challenging To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To a PC Without a Receiver?

Connecting an Xbox to a PC without a receiver is not a very seemingly feasible task and poses a serious challenge for video game players. This is because the Xbox controller doesn’t support Bluetooth pairing with the computer due to the different frequency ranges of both devices. Other than Bluetooth inadaptability, a direct Xbox connection to a PC is a serious challenge. This is because an adapter is required to connect two devices but in case of lacking the receiver, there will be no place for the connection to be bridged.

If you are facing a similar dilemma then don’t worry we are here to solve your queries and resolve the stress. We have come up with this exclusive review for all those video gaming geeks who got lucky to grab an Xbox 360 controller but don’t have enough budget to buy themselves a receiver.

How To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To PC Without Receiver

We have provided you with three alternative options to help you establish a connection between the Xbox controller and PC.

  1. Using Wires
  2. Using Microsoft Xbox Package
  3. Using an Adaptor

Let’s dive into the explanation of these steps:

Using Wires

The easiest way to connect an Xbox 360 controller with your PC is using the wires. This simple process is truly hassle-free and requires a few simple steps to make do with the connection. Given below are the steps to do so.

  • Locate a USB port on the computer/PC
  • Plugin the Xbox 360 controller into the USB port.
  • As soon as, the controller is inserted, your PC will recognize the external device and the follow-up series will start. Your PC will automatically start downloading the compulsory drivers for running the Xbox controller.
  • Once the installation of drivers is completed, a notification indicating the success of the connection will be displayed on your PC screen.

Using this wired USB port connection you can immediately start playing video games through your Xbox 360 controller.

Using Microsoft Xbox Package

This is a bit costly alternative and requires you to purchase a Microsoft Xbox package that is loaded with relevant accessories for the connection between the Xbox controller and your PC.

Note. This method is suitable for those gaming geeks who intend to purchase a new Xbox or those who don’t have an Xbox 360 controller already.

This method requires you to purchase the Xbox 360 package from Microsoft and make use of all the compatible series to connect to your PC. The Xbox 360 controller coming with this Microsoft package is a standalone device and doesn’t require you to make any cable connection as it can operate fully wireless.

All you have to do is to buy an Xbox 360 package and power it on in the vicinity of your PC. It will be read by your computer window and a wireless connection will be directly established.

Although the process is entirely hassle-free, buying a new Xbox can be out of range for most teens. If that is the situation for you, then you can go ahead with our next method of connecting the Xbox 360 controller to the PC.

Using an Adaptor

If you have a wireless Xbox 360 controller, that is the most recent one, you won’t have any chance to connect your controller with your PC using the USB port. Therefore, the best bet for you is to get an adaptor or receiver. This adaptor will help you in connecting the wireless Xbox 360 controller with your PC.

The Microsoft Xbox package has the adaptor included in it but if you have the Xbox 360 controller bought from third-party stores you can buy the adaptor alone.

Note. These adaptors coming from third-party stores are replicas of the original Microsoft Xbox adaptor and thus pose some quality threats.

Bottom Line

If you have purchased an Xbox 360 controller you can connect it to your PC without the receiver using a USB port. If you don’t have the Xbox controller you should try to save some fortune and get yourself the original Microsoft Xbox 360 package that comes with the adaptor and all other accessories. If you don’t want to go with the Microsoft package, you can buy the adaptor from third-party sellers to connect your Xbox with your PC.

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