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Lossing a TV remote seems like a normal thing in homes and the situation is worse when you have a smart tv at home and don’t have a remote controller to operate it. To make the Hussle fiercer, TV buttons don’t work and you got stuck at a channel with no other way around.

If you are one of those desperate people looking out for a solution in this situation then you have arrived at the right spot. This is because we are here going to assist you in finding some alternative solutions to a lost remote controller. You can operate your smart TV or Hisense TV in particular, without a remote for quite some time.

You must have read out plenty of useful troubleshooting tricks and tips. Most of these alternatives seem to do with buying a new TV remote or a universal controller. What to do if you want an immediate solution without spending any extra Penny?

If you are looking for a fragile way out of this desperate situation then resetting will be the only option for you. Resetting the Hisense smart TV can prove to be a helpful troubleshooting step and it will allow the smart TV remote to start working again.

If you have not specifically diagnosed the problem with your Hisense TV, resetting will be the ideal approach for you.

Now that you have made up your mind to reset your Hisense smart TV to its factory settings you must be curious about how to do so. Go through our review till the very end to have a profound dig into this how-to process.

How To Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote

On the serious problem on “How To Reset Hisense TV Without Remote“, we can go for two options of resetting.

Types of Resetting

Before heading for the factory reset you must know that there are two types of resetting options available for you. Depending upon the type of your problem you can choose either one of these.

The two available types of reset are as below:

  1. Soft Reset
  2. Hard Reset

Let’s now review them in detail individually to see which one is ideal for you at the moment.

  1. Soft Reset The Hisense Smart TV Without Remote

Soft reset as obvious by the name is a kind of easy-going process that will go easy on your saved data, cookies, and settings. Unlike the hard reset, soft resetting will not erase all of your data and settings. So, if you don’t know whether or not resetting will work on your Hisense smart TV or if you are not sure about the underlying cause of the smart TV malfunction, then it is safer to proceed with a soft reset.

There are plenty of ways to soft reset your Hisense smart TV.  Of the most widely used methods we have listed the best three ones as given below:

  1. Using The Power Supply

  2. Using Power Button

  3. Using Menu Buttons


Method 1: Using the power supply

The simplest of the rest methods is to power off your Hisense smart TV and let the circuit do its magic. Follow the given steps to proceed with this method as your baby step in the process of resetting your Hisense smart TV without a remote.

  • If the TV is powered on, switch it off and unplug the power cable from the power supply.
  • Let the TV shut down for about 10 minutes or more.
  • After 10 minutes use the power button to switch on the TV.
  • To do so you have to press and hold the power button for a minute.
  • Plugin the power cable simultaneously with the power button holding.
  • If the TV is not powered on, let it rest for a while and repeat the process of pushing the power button for 60 seconds.

Method 2: Using The Power Button

If the aforementioned power supply method doesn’t seem to help much, you can try physical buttons on the Hisense tv to reset it.

Below given are the steps to reset Hisense TV without using the remote controller.

  • Locate the physical buttons on Hisense tv. Usually, the buttons are located at the side panel of the TV.
  • Locate input and volume up buttons.
  • Simultaneously press the input and volume up button and hold them for a while.
  • At the moment of holding these buttons, try pressing the power button for 5 seconds and release all buttons afterward.
  • Reset will be completed after doing this.

If you find pushing and holding these buttons at a time physically you can try out method 3 for soft resetting your smart TV.

Method 3: Using Menu Buttons

  • Locate the volume down and menu button. Push these two buttons located sideways to each other.
  • Now push the power button with your other hand and hold the three buttons together for a while, or precisely for 10 seconds.
  • When these buttons are pressed together your Hisense smart TV will display a blue light. Wait for it.
  • Let the TV stay on for about 10 seconds. Keep holding the power, volume down and menu button all this while.
  • Release all buttons after 10 seconds of the light indication.
  • If the reset is completed, channel pictures will start displaying on your TV.
  • If not then repeat the process until desired results are achieved.

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and nothing works for you, then you should go for the hard reset.

  1. Hard Resetting The Hisense Smart TV Without Remote

Hard reset will restore the factory or default settings of Hisense TV and leave your Hisense smart TV in a brand new look. All of your installed applications, media, settings, and all the saved data will be erased.

So, proceed with caution only if you are sure to take on the weight of loss.

Follow the steps to Hard Reset Your Hisense TV

  • Carefully observe the back panel of your smart TV and locate a reset button on it. Hisense TV has a reset hole mostly at its back. For some conventional models of Hisense TV, this reset hole is present at the bottom.
  • To ensure that your located hole is the reset hole you can find a RESET written below it.
  • Now take a paper clip and bend it into this reset hole.
  • Dig the paper clip deep into the hole and push it for  15 seconds inside the reset hole. This step will be more like inserting the sim ejection clip into the hole of the sim jacket.
  • Hold the paper clip inside the reset hole until the Hisense tv restarts.

After restarting the Hisense TV will have restored its default settings and most probably the problems with it have been solved.

Final words:

Hisense TV can start malfunctioning due to some unknown causes or faulty settings. Resetting it will prove helpful but this simple process becomes challenging if the Hisense smart remote controller has stopped working.

You can use the above-mentioned methods to soft reset or hard reset your Hisense smart TV without spending much effort and resources. Hard reset will remove all of your media and settings and most probably remove the problem too. Soft reset on the other hand is simpler and solves some minor problems without erasing any media that you have saved in the Hisense smart TV applications. If you want to keep your data and go for the hard reset you can backup your data and then proceed with the hard reset.

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