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Having charging issues of the laptop can restrict your usage and effects your productivity and performance. once the battery is drained out completely, the laptop would be of no use. charging issue can result due to a faulty charger port that is needed to be fixed. But how to fix a laptop charger port? it can be fixed in multiple ways listed below.

Loosened Charging Port:

Charger ports can get loosened after a certain period as users mostly plug in the charging cable hastily without paying much attention to insert the cable carefully. Thus, it is important not to wiggle the charger or the cable that can result in a damaged connection.

Faulty Laptop Adapter:

An unstable laptop adapter might damage the charger port if not fixed at the time. the damaged interface adapter must be replaced immediately before it causes further damage to the charger port.

Maintenance Issues:

The charger port may be facing long-term dirt accumulation issues results due to improper cleaning and maintenance. This tightens the diameter of the port that won’t let the charging cable be fixed properly and hence won’t charge the laptop. To fix this problem, use a sharp and small tool such as paper clips or tweezers to remove the compacted dirt while the laptop isn’t charging and switched off.

Laptop Connector Board:

The power socket of the laptop designed to establish a reliable connection between the charging cable and the charger port may be causing problems as its metal tentacles may have broken or get broken. This can result in scratches on the charger port that in turn affect ifs efficiency of charging.

The power socket is needed to be fixed by disassembling it and welded back to its original shape. The external power plug can be replaced as well that is resulting in an unstable supply of electric power to the laptop.

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