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Headphones be they wired or wireless is a necessary commodity that is owned by almost everyone. All smartphone users have headphones as an integral part of their daily use. Headphones not only make your daily conversations while driving possible but they also allow you to listen to long hours of music without disturbing your nearby kin. 

 Since the headphones are required all the time and can be used anywhere, the chances to get them damaged easily are as high as their appeal in modern tech. it is no wonder to get your premium top-notch headphones broken in a day due to human negligence that renders them unfit for warranty and customer support? So what should be done in this plight? 

The best bet is to take extreme care of these compact and convenient commodities to prevent them from being damaged. Although this sounds appealing, it is not an easy feat to attain.  Headphones are very fragile products and show signs of damage with the minutest error in their handling. So the alternative to handling them with care lies in fixing the damage caused to them.

Isn’t it a better option as you can reverse the damage and continue to enjoy the never-ending music playlist? This is a more plausible option for you but without any technical know hoe and tools how can one fix the broken headphones.

To assist you in passing over this critical stage we have come up with an exclusive review on how to fix broken headphones without tools. Thoroughly read it o the very end to know how you can fix your broken headphones without tools and what type of errors can be fixed. 

How To Fix Broken Headphones Without Tools?

Before getting started with your gear, it is essential to know what is the broken part or the troubled area in your headphones. Only after identifying the damaged area, you can begin with the repair process. 

Step 1: Identify The Damaged Area

It is not an easy thing to find out the problem causing the fault in your headphones and without finding the culprit you cannot begin with the fixing. To identify the cause behind the damage, plug in your headphones on your ears and let the music play. Pay attention to the audio and try to find the fault with it. By listening attentively to your headphones, you can very likely find out the source of the problem. 

  • If you hear sound from a single side of the earbuds, the chances are that either the second headset speaker is damaged or the wire of that specific side has been broken. 
  • If both sides are not working then the fault may be in your headphone jack. To remove this doubt, you can try plugging the headphones into another smartphone and see if they work fine or not. 
  • If the headphones don’t play on any device then it means that problem lies with your headphones and not with the jack on your smartphone. 
  • You can also ensure the proper working of your device’s headphone jack by plugging in another headphone (other than the damaged one). If the jack doesn’t play any sound by inserting different headphones then the problem lies with your smartphone’s headphone jack and not the headphone itself.
  • If your headphones are playing distorted music or you are hearing very low sounds then the chances are that the headphone cord has been damaged. 

Step # 2: Twist The Headphone Cord

After finding out the damaged area it is time, to begin with, troubleshooting and try to improve the condition of your headphones for making do with them.   A broken cord is the most probable culprit behind the ineffective performance of your headphones. To improve their working you can try twisting the cord until they start working again. 

To twist the wire you need to locate the ideal area where the damage has been caused (as pinpointed in step 1). After locating the damaged area twist the nearby wires and your headset will most probably start working again. 

To twist the cord you can simply bend it at the damaged site and then straighten it again to check the results of the twist. If bending doesn’t work for you, try tapping the headphone driver cord around the fault point a few times and the chances of their working again will be increased. 

Twisting or bending the cord accidentally connects the wires that have been cut off. Once the wires touch the audio signals will be transmitted as usual and you will start listening to your media again. 

Step # 3: Fix It With Adhesive Tape

After you have bent or twisted the wires, the audio signals will be transmitted but the chances are that once you straighten the cord at the damaged area, the wires will dismember again and the audio signals will be cut off. To prevent this from happening you can fix the twisted cord by adding an adhesive lining to it. You can stick the adhesive tape on the twisted cord and let the internal wiring stay at its position of contact. 

To stick adhesive tape, you can use your left hand to put pressure on the twisted part of the headphone cord and use your right hand to put the adhesive tape on it. As long as the duct tape remains over it. The wires will remain in contact and your headphones continue working normally again. 

Final words:

Headphone wires are prone to damage and they may get damaged at the point of intersection of two wires. If the wires are damaged at the intersection point or before it, you may not listen to music through any side of your headset. If the damage occurs after the intersection then the wire on the damaged part will prevent that side of the headphone from working. 

You can find out the damaged area and then twist the cord near that area to check the audio signal transmission. Once you start listening to the music again, stick the adhesive tape on the twisted site and tightly secure it.

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