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Bios On Hp Laptops:

Getting into BIOS setup for upgrading the settings to clean out the systematic bugs can be a requirement from time to time. BIOS is a built-in software program that gets the system booted.

Generally, embedded on the motherboard, helps in retaining the data when the laptop is powered off and retrieves that information when turned on. But how to get into BIOS on an HP laptop as different brands and models offer their separate settings and instructions?

Getting Into Bios Setup:

The BIOS setup is made quickly accessible by assigning specific keys to this function. The general BIOS hotkeys can be F1, F2, F10, or F12.


The BIOS setup runs a Power-On self-test that check ensures a reliable connection between the attached devices and the laptop so that it can function properly. After running a successful test, the laptop starts as usual.

If there exists some error, the beep codes or the error message on the screen surfaces to let the user know.

For Windows users, to get into the BIOS setup can be configured due to multiple options. The older versions of HP laptops may need a combination of hotkeys for getting into the BIOS setup.

 Getting Into Bios On Hp Laptops:

The HP laptops support the operating system of Windows 10 which is equipped with a simpler process of reaching the BIOS setup. After the unnoticeable POST process runs, the presence of an error will surface and direct you to check the cause in the BIOS. The HP laptops enable BIOS by pressing the escape key (Esc) or F10 key.

By clicking these assigned keys when the system is booting helps in screening the setup utility. The various models of HP such as HP Stream, HP Pavilion, HP OMEN, and more support F10 and escape keys for getting into BIOS setup.

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