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A laptop’s performance can reduce over time which primarily holds the reason to up boost your RAM. Does a laptop support such kinds of upgrades and an increase in memory? And if so, then how to get more memory on a laptop? The process of getting more memory depends upon various factors of designs including components that can be upgraded and built from other brands.

To upgrade your laptop to get more memory includes specific procedures that effectively enhance the productivity of your devices.

How To Get More Memory On A Laptop?

Prepare The Laptop:

The first step is to make sure that the laptop is turned off from the source, not only on the sleep mode, and completely unplugged from the power outlet. Remove the laptop’s bottom so that you can access the memory bay of the laptop.

The disassembling of the laptop is usually guided in the instructions manual to remove them without causing any kind of harm to the internal accessories of the laptop. Some laptops offer simple unscrewing of one to two screws rather than removing the entire bottom. 

Placement Of Memory Schedule:

For safety purposes, discharge any static electricity built up by getting the laptop in contact with a metal object nearby. In the next step, install the memory module on the laptop. The small notch of the module must match the slot nub. If the match isn’t stable even is put in backward that there is no need to force it in.

Placement Of Memory:

After correctly aligning the memory module, place the memory at a specific angle till the contact fingers got inserted in the slot available. After inserting, tilt the module slowly so that the metal arms present on the side snap are fitted into the place with a gentle click. Lift the module sides to check whether it’s locked in or not. The memory must not be budged.

Removal Of Module:

The placement of the memory must lie flat in the slot that shows its perfect fitting and locked metal arms in the place. If there is a need to remove the module that is placed earlier, use your fingernails that will bend the metal arms on both sides with the millimeter or two measure.

This may be needed to be done simultaneously as the string strength varies in the slot. After a full release, the module will spring up to get completely removed.

Video Help:

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