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Limited storage space brings problems itself such as being unable to get updates, running errors, or constant warnings about low storage. Users hesitate to free up space as they have saved their important documents.

So, is there any way to get more storage? And if so, how to get more storage on a laptop? This article helps you to choose out of multiple methods to adapt and get more space and storage on a laptop.

How To Get More Storage On A Laptop?

Using Disk Management:

Disk management is a built-in utility of Windows that helps out with the convenient performance associated with the hard drive. Simply, enter into the disc management settings, click on C drive, and reduce the size and volume. In this way, you can get more storage on a laptop.

Adding Extra Disk Space:

MiniTool Partition Wizard is considered an effective and professional partition manager that enlarges the storage of a laptop. It holds the option to move or to resize the partition and expand the partition which results in extended space.

Moving Files To Removable Devices:

The rarely used files occupy the storage of a laptop unnecessarily. These files can be moved on the removable devices that then can be stored elsewhere. The removable devices can be a USB flash drive, thumb drive, or TF card. Other than devices, applications such as a cloud, drive, and outlook can help in freeing up space and storage.

Use Of Command Prompt:

The use of a Command Prompt on the laptop helps in increasing the storage by running the Command Prompt as administrator and following the instruction for further settings.

Installing A Large Disk Space:

The disk space, once filled, causing interruptions can be replaced with a new hard drive that is larger in size. But this method attaches the user’s hesitation with it losing the data while replacing it. Installation of Wizard MiniTool Partition can help in securing the data and it included the feature of that Copying Disk and Migrating OS to keep the data safe and secure.

Video Help:

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