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If you are a music lover and enjoy listening to music through your headphones, you must have encountered the static noise in your headphones. This static noise is the internal ambient sound that is truly inconveniencing and creates a buzz in the ear that tends to tire out the ear quickly and you want to remove your headphones even if you want to listen to more music.

Is that the case with you? Are you truly inconvenienced and annoyed with this static noise coming out of your headphones? If that is the case then you are at the right.

This is because, in this review article, we are going to crack down on the static noise in the headphones and look for feasible and economical ways to get rid of it permanently without spending any extra bucks. 

Therefore, we highly suggest you keep reading our review and get yourself enlightened with some of the amazing ways to get rid of the static noise in the headphones. 

How To Get Rid Of Static Noise In Headphones And Speakers

If your headphones keep on playing the buzzing and static sounds intermittently with your music then you should first need to know the underlying causes and then find out the solutions to those causes. If you can’t find out the causes then you would only be frustrated by the buzz of the static sound in your headphones with no other way to amend this problem. 

Therefore let us first diagnose the typical causes that give rise to the static noise in your headphones and then find out the solutions to fix these problems. Keep in your mind that all solutions are specific to the cause behind the fault and therefore you must first look for the causes of the harm and then head out for the big kill with the solutions. 

What Causes The Static Noise In Headphones And Speakers?

There are plenty of underlying factors that can lead to static sound in your headphones and speakers. Given below are some of the most frequent and typical causes that will make fixing the issue a bit more convenient for you. 

  • Damaged speakers
  • Inappropriate audio settings
  • Faulty AUX port
  • Loose connections
  • Wireless headphones creating buzz

Now, let’s dig deep into these problems and then find the ways to fix them without any technical assistance. 

  • Damaged Speakers:

When you are facing more and more static noise in your headphones and speakers, the very first thing that you need to check is the condition of your speakers. If you start with checking the hardware of your gadget, you can save plenty of time that you would have rather wasted on troubleshooting the cause. 

To find out the damage to speakers, you can plug them into your trusted device that you know is working well otherwise, plug the headphone in that device let’s say your laptop, and see if the static noise is still there? If the static noise is still audible then there are high chances that the speakers are broken or damaged.  


To fix this issue you would have to replace your headphones or consult customer support if your warranty is liable. 

  • Inappropriate Audio Settings:

If your headphones don’t play the static noise when connected to your laptop then it means headphone speakers are working well and the problem lies with incorrect settings. This is the primary reason behind most of the static noise in headphones and speakers. 

  1. Open the sound settings of the paired device such as your smartphone or laptop and look for any possible issue with the settings. 
  2. If you can’t find one, you can try resetting the sound settings to restore the factory version. 
  • Faulty AUX Port:

Your headphone jack can also be the culprit behind the static noise in your headphones. Look for any possible dirt in your port and try to thoroughly clean the way of your AUX cable into your headphone jack.  


Cleaning the dirt off your AUX port is enough to remove this hurdle in the way of preventing the static buzz.

  • Loose Connections:

If you have tried all the above causes and nothing is the case with your headphones or speakers, then the issue might be with the disconnected wires of your headphone. The headphone cable is usually the reason behind the static noise. 


Any fault in the internal wiring of the cable will lead to a high level of static sound that will distort the performance of your headphones. Replacing the cables with new ones seems to be the ideal solution to this problem.

  • Wireless Headphones Creating Buzz

If you are not using wired headphones and still listen to the static noise or the buzz in your headphones then the interference from nearby devices can be the possible culprit.  


To remove this factor you need to ensure that there are no barriers between your wireless headphones and the audio device you have paired with them. Try to remove all nearby electronic gadgets using the same network as that of your device to prevent electronic interference. 

Final Words:

Static noise in the headphones and speakers can be due to plenty of factors and removing all of these factors can lead to zero internal buzz in the headphones. You can start by checking the hardware of your headphone and speakers and look for any damaged or broken parts or any damaged wire connecting your headphones with the media device. 

You can also check the AUX port to ensure its cleanliness and remove the interfering objects in the way of your wireless headphones and the media device. After diagnosing the specific cause of the static noise in your headphones and speakers you can take the remedial steps to remove the problem and enjoy your music without any ambient internal sound from the headphones. 

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