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If you are thinking of making a great difference in the performance of the laptop by installing a graphic card and wondering how to install a graphic card in a laptop, you can learn all about the right tools, help, and a little technique that will utmost requires the sparing of 10 minutes in this article.

Without proper instructions, this task must be a little daunting for the one who hasn’t opened the PC case ever before.

Preparation Of Laptop To Install New GPU:

Before installing the new graphic card, a little prep must be done on the laptop by uninstalling the old drivers for the card you are installing. For uninstalling the old drivers, Display Driver Uninstaller is a handy tool that can completely remove the drivers from Windows making the laptop ready for installing a new graphic card. The next important step includes a careful checkup of the power supply to handle the GPU or an upgrade.

Installing The New Graphics Card:

For installing the new and dedicated graphic card, first, you need to lower the power of the PC and turn off the supply to the PSU. Next, the side panel is extracted by removing two screws present on the rear end.

Unlock the slot chip of PCI-e for gently removing the GPU by slight pulling.

Hover on the new card over the PCI-e and push the GPU down so that its connector will slide down into the slot. Secure the lock by ensuring that it fits perfectly. Screw back the rear bracket so that the card will be secured into the chassis. Connect the PSU cables if required and attach them back to the side panel.

Plugging In The Display Connectors:

The display connectors are plugged in on the rare case that can be DVI, HDMI, VGA, or DisplayPort. Hit the PSU switch and start booting up the Windows. If the PC doesn’t turn back on or any signals didn’t reach the monitor, you are needed to look at the cables’ connection again and check whether the GPU is placed properly in the PCL-e slot or not.

Need To Install The Required Drivers:

There exists the need of installing new drivers that let the Windows work perfectly and the software can communicate with the graphic card effectively. The new drivers must be installed for the new NVIDIA or AMD card.

Video Help:

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