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If you are a music lover and enjoy listening to loudspeaker sounds then you must always be looking forward to great quality speakers with a loud sound. For any type of speaker, be it wired or wireless with Bluetooth tech, nothing can be more important than great quality and a loud sound. 

With the rapid advancements in technology, the Bluetooth speakers have won over all aspects of wired speakers but people are still looking up to them for better sound clarity and loudness of sound. Bluetooth speakers have no doubt many great specs and features that are making them the most used commodity besides smartphones. 

Bluetooth speakers are not only used for home entertainment but are also crucial parts of home theaters, stereo systems, and personal speakers. These speakers can’t be any better but the bottom line remains in their loudness.

No matter if you are using them as part of your home theater sound system or a standalone speaker at home, having a loud yet crisp clear audio is the desire of all Bluetooth speaker users. 

Therefore, let us enlighten you with the ways to get the best bang out for your bucks and have crisp clear speakers with the highest loudness. In this review article, you will find some clever hacks that are good enough to increase the loudness of your Bluetooth speakers to a level you would be satisfied with. 

6 Tips To Make Your Bluetooth Speaker Louder

To keep your party flow going on with great and loud sound follow the given instructions to help your Bluetooth speakers increase their loudness and intensity of sound.  The six tips to increase Bluetooth speakers’ loudness are as follows:

  1. Putting Bluetooth speakers on the floor
  2. Putting wireless Bluetooth speakers in a closed-off room
  3. Pairing two wireless Bluetooth speakers together
  4. Placing wireless speakers near walls
  5. Disconnecting internet connectivity
  6. Maintaining wireless Bluetooth speakers in a good condition.

These six general and economical tips will help you greatly in improving the loudness of sound coming out of your wireless Bluetooth speakers. You can use any one or two of these tips or you can employ all the tips at the same time to have the loudest possible sound level and get the most out of your wireless Bluetooth speakers. 

So, without any further ado, let us now see which tip will be most helpful in increasing the loudness and how will it work for your Bluetooth speakers in increasing the sound loudness.

1. Putting Bluetooth Speakers On The Floor:

If you are not satisfied with the loudness of sound coming out of your Bluetooth speakers you can simply put them on the bare floor without any shelves or racks to support them on the ground. Putting the speakers on the floor will greatly increase the loudness of the sound. You must be wondering why it is so. 

Let us now enlighten you with some physics behind this hack. Putting the speakers on the floor will produce sound vibrations in the floor and the vibrations will travel faster on the solid and compact surface of the floor than on any wooden surface. The faster the sound vibrations pass through the floor surface, the louder the sound will be produced. Thus putting your wireless Bluetooth speakers on the floor will tend to increase their loudness.

2. Putting Wireless Bluetooth Speakers In A Closed-Off Room:

Besides placing your speakers on the floor, you need to consider the room size while setting your sound system. A closed-off room is likely to resonate the sound intensity higher and you will be able to hear louder sounds.

 Therefore, you should try to place your speakers in a small room with a lot of objects to bounce the audio signals. An open space will dissipate the audio signals in the air and much of the loudness will be reduced. 

3. Pairing Two Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Together:

If none of the above-mentioned tips are good enough for you and you want to set the party mood with a loudspeaker then you should try to make do with multiple speakers instead of a single one. You can pair two or more Bluetooth speakers using either wired or wireless means.

 Pairing two speakers together will amplify the sound waves by a maximum of 40 percent and thus you can get 40 percent louder sound with two speakers than with a single Bluetooth speaker. 

4. Placing Wireless Speakers Near Walls:

If you are looking forward to increasing sound loudness even greater than putting them on the floor then you should try changing their position on the floor. If you had put your speakers in the center of your room along with your music system table then you have severely wronged the sound loudness.

 This is because the speakers placed in the center will send audio signals in all directions and the sound loudness will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, you should try to place them near walls along with your room corners. Placing them near walls will increase the sound loudness by many degrees and you will be greatly satisfied with the performance of your Bluetooth speakers. 

5. Disconnecting Internet Connectivity:

If you are using online music to play through your speakers then there are chances that you may get less sound intensity than with offline music. This is just like the concept of connecting multiple devices with the same network that will slow down the signal transmission. Internet signals will lower the audio signals and loudness will be compromised.

6. Maintaining Wireless Bluetooth Speakers In A Good Condition:

The most critical of all tips is to keep your wireless speakers in the best possible condition. If the condition of the speakers degrades with the daily wear and tear then you can’t get the most out of them and having the loud sound will be nothing but an empty dream. Thus you should always keep your Bluetooth speakers in the best condition to have the best out of them.

Final Words:

In this review article, we have provided you with the most useful 6 tips to increase the loudness of your wireless Bluetooth speakers. You can try these tips individually or in combination to see if the loudness improves or not. You should try to place your wireless Bluetooth speakers in a small room, close to walls on the bare floor. And always maintain them in the best conditions. 

This arrangement will help you in having a great sound level and for enhancing it further you can connect multiple speakers and even minimizing the internet connectivity can improve their loudness.

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