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Laptops have increased in popularity due to their highly portable design over traditionally used desktop computers. While impacting the budget of the user with significant value, the laptops must be taken care of so that they can last longer. But how to make your laptop last longer? This needs to follow effective and impactful tips.

How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer?

Never To Keep Or Place Laptop On The Bed:

The placement of the laptop on a soft material such as a bed or sofa blocked its ventilation that happens through the bottom of the laptop. When the ventilation stops, the temperature of the laptop rises causing serious threats to the laptops and reducing their chances to last longer.

Maintain The Battery Properly:

Maintaining the battery positively contributes to helping the laptop to last longer because the prime survival of the laptop is based on its battery health. don’t charge the laptop all the time.

Careful Use Of Cd Drive:

Frequent use of DVDs makes the driver lens weak and can reduce the laptop’s life. Using DVD drives to watch movies all the time isn’t recommendable as well. if you need to do so, copy the data and paste it somewhere else to watch. Use the DVD drive carefully and don’t close it forcefully.

Handling Of Dc Jack While Plugging It:

The jacks are never meant to be treated forcefully as they can break or crack. The DC jack must be properly scanned before connecting it to the motherboard, as a cracked Jack can damage the motherboard which overall decreases the life of the laptop.

Keeping Liquids Away:

Fluids or any liquid substance must be kept away from the laptops as they are equipped high chance of accidental spill that will destroy the keyboard to the extent that it won’t get repaired and leaves the laptop useless.

Proper Cleaning:

It is important to clean the laptop at least once a week by following the correct procedure. Use a tissue that is clean and dry and drop a few drops of LCD cleaner to wipe off the screen and the laptop.

Immediately wipe out the laptop with a dry and clean cloth so it won’t be left wet.

Get An Antivirus Software:

Viruses and bugs can affect the performance of the laptop by damaging the software internally. To keep an eye and the easy detection of viruses or bugs, it is important to get reliable antivirus software.

Anti-virus software scans the files first and then transfers the files further to keep the laptop protected.

Opening The Laptop At Limited Angles:

To save the laptops from cracking or damaging the connection of the screen to the laptop, don’t open the laptop forcefully that can extend from more than 90 to 120 degrees. The same precaution must be made while flipping the screen.

Playing Music In Full Volume:

If you play music on the full volume in the VLC, this can damage the audio system and speakers of the laptop which can result in broken or no voice protection at all. This damage isn’t supported under the warranty period as well.

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