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Painting a room can sound like a professional-level task but it can be done by a common man. A question might get asked about how to paint a room? A thorough guideline is stated below for your convenience. 

Prep The Room:

The first step requires prepping the room by moving the furniture out of the room. The chandeliers can be covered by wallpaper or drop cloths. Lay the cloths down for covering the floor from splashes or stains. Plan the direction of painting from top-down by painting the ceiling first, following the walls.

The trims are treated at the end to achieve accuracy. Cover the windows, lights, wall sconces, and attachments, or woodwork firmly with tapes and newspapers. Makes sure that the room is properly ventilated in hot weather whereas, in case of damp weather, run the air conditioner after closing the windows.

Scrapping The Flakes:

Scrap away the flakes and sand the painting area in order to prepare the room for new paint. Use a primer-sealer for getting a smooth surface before painting. Clear all the chips, cracks, and dents by patching them with drywall compound. For larger holes, use plaster to fix them.

Tools For Painting:

The painting can be done using paintbrushes, sprays, or paint rollers as per the requirement and the skill set of the painter. 


Using brushes can vary in methods due to different shapes and sizes. For painting large and flat areas, use a wall brush of width 3 to 4 inches. The windows frames and doors are painted through trim brushes that have a straight edge of 2 to 3 inches. Start painting by dipping one-third of the brush in the paint and pull it back slightly so that the excess paint will be squeegeed off.

Paint Rollers:

A paint roller is usually used to paint the ceilings of the room. It requires proper coverage of hair by using a scarf or hat. Fill the roller tray with the paint and dip the roller halfway and back it at an angle to remove the excess paint on the roller. Apply the paint in the “W” pattern.

Painting Trims:

After completing to paint the whole room and letting it dry, peel off the tape carefully and begin painting the trims of ceilings, windows, and doors. Use an angled brush of 1 or ½ inches width to increase accuracy. 1 or 2 coats cover the former shade of paint and results in a new look of the room.

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