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Professional refurnishing can add up to the products and tools that lost their charm years ago. Learning how to paint furniture can save your yearly expenditure by a large amount and eliminates the hiring of professionals for the task. The easy guide for painting your furnishing helps you in learning to paint every piece of furniture from dressers to desks.

Prepping Furniture:

First of all, clean the wooden furniture with oil soap. The desk or dresser must be cleaned by removing the drawers and cleaning them separately. To remove the glossy finish that still exists on the surface uses medium-dirt sandpaper. This prepares the furniture for repainting through various tools and paints.

Brush Painting Wood Furniture:

Start by priming the surface with the help of a paintbrush. Tap the paintbrush for removing the excess amount of primer. Apply the even strokes top-down. The crevices must be primed by using smaller angled brushes and let them dry.

After that, sand the furniture to smooth it down and use the cloth to remove the dust that is left. Paint the wooden furniture by using interior latex paint that provides a semi-gloss finish. Paint multiple coats and sand in between the coats and dry. After the last paint coat, let the furniture dry for almost a day and seal it with wax or poly sealant by a cloth and let it dry for 10 minutes.

Spray Painting Furniture:

Spray painting must be done in a wider place where it is well-ventilated. Wear a dust mask for optimal safety. Cover and tape off the areas that aren’t meant to be painted. Shake the paint spray and hold it at a distance of 8 to 12 inches from the furniture. Apply the first coat thoroughly across the entire piece and allow it to cure to prevent the damage.

Distressing The Furniture:

Use two shades of the same color and apply a thin layer of darker shade first on the furniture that is previously sanded. Let the paint dry for 24 hours. Produce a watered-down solution by mixing a lighter shade with the water that results in a thin wash. Apply the wash with the help of a foam brush on the sections and wipe it to achieve an antiqued look. For creating a naturally aged look of the furniture, use fine-grit sandpaper.

Chalk Paint Furniture:

The use of chalk paint doesn’t require prepping through sand and primer. The chalk paintbrush is applied directly in even strokes and let dry before applying the second coat. Apply chalk paint wax with a soft cloth and remove the excess.

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