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Are you breaking the web to look for ways to troubleshoot your Vizio soundbar? Resetting is the universal troubleshooting step that is widely acknowledged to resolve most software glitches and any undiagnosed technical issues.

Resetting doesn’t do any harm to the product and thus can be tried whenever the need arises. You can reset the Vizio soundbar as many times as you want as there is no side effect or underlaying damage to the product caused by the resetting procedure. 

Vizio soundbar is a popular audio device that is widely in use as an external audio device. Soundbars are becoming part and parcel of modern-day streaming devices such as smart TV. Although the world has faced a rapid leap in technological advancements modern-day gadgets still have some bottom lines that create the room for accessories required by those smart gadgets. 

Similar is the case with soundbars. Modern smart TV screens have high definition resolution, clutter-free display, and many enticing features that keep you spellbound for hours. But the bottom line of these smart TVs, their internal speakers are not much of use. Many high-end smart TVs have poor quality internal TV speakers that do a minimal job of audio output but cannot satisfy the users looking for premium sound quality.

Here comes the need for the soundbar and external TV speakers that fill the void and provide the users with high-quality sound that can be mistaken for the Dolby Atmos surround sound in extreme cases. Vizio soundbars are leading the charts among budget-friendly audio devices and are complementary to most prestigious smart TV brands like Hisense, Samsung, Sony, etc. 

No matter how premium the external TV speakers are, there are bound to be some technical issues with them due to the involvement of wireless and wired connections and audio settings. Most of the time users fail to correctly set up their soundbar with their TV and this leads to distorted sound quality and audio cuts. In severe cases, the soundbar keeps cutting out the audio and users cannot have the best of their bucks but are rather stuck in dilemma about internal or external TV speakers. 

If you are facing a similar predisposition with your soundbar, calm down! Have a deep breath and read out our article till the very end. Here you can find out answers to your queries like How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar.  We have provided you a stepwise guide following which you can easily reset your Vizio soundbar to the factory version and let the default settings do the magic for you. 

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar


Follow the given guidelines to factory reset your Vizio soundbar

Reminder. Factory reset is supposed to remove all of the custom settings and the preferences set by the users on their Vizio soundbar. Therefore proceed with caution only when you are sure to perform the reset and get rid of all of your cookies and settings. 

Step 1

  • Locate the Bluetooth button on your Vizo soundbar. Simultaneously look for the volume down button. 
  • Press both of these buttons ( Volume Down and Bluetooth). 
  • Keep them pressed for about 5 seconds. 

Step 2

  • There are 12 LED light indicators on the lower front panel. When Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons are pressed simultaneously for 5 seconds, all of these 12 LED lights will flash.
  • The LED flash will be repeated three times and then go black.

Once the lights go down the reset process is completed and your Vizio soundbar has returned to factory settings with no custom preferences left. 

Alternative Ways To Reset The Viziooo Soundbbbar:

There are chances that you might be looking for some alternative way as not all models of Vizio soundbar has front LED lights as well as the Bluetooth button.

Given below are three different methods to reset the Vizio soundbar to its factory mode. All of these methods utilize different hard buttons available on the panel of the Vizio soundbar to let you reset the device. 


  • Locate the Bluetooth and Input buttons.
  • Press and hold both of these buttons ( Input and Bluetooth ) for about 5 to 6 seconds. 
  • Release both buttons at once after 6 seconds. 
  • Your Vizio soundbar has been reset to default settings. 

If this method doesn’t work for you head for the next method to try out your luck.


If your Vizio soundbar doesn’t have a Bluetooth facility there will not be any Bluetooth button. So what to do for resetting those conventional models? You can try the given instructions to reset your Vizio soundbar that doesn’t feature a Bluetooth button. 

  • This time you have to look for the Input button and hold it along with the Volume Down button.
  • Keep both Input and Volume Down buttons pressed for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Release them at once after the specified time.
  • The Vizio soundbar will restart after these clicks. 


If the Volume Down button of your Vizio soundbar is not working you can replace it with the Volume UP button and follow through the same steps to hard reset your Vizio soundbar. 

  • Press the INPUT button. 
  • Simultaneously hold the Volume UP button. 
  • Keep both buttons pressed for 5 to 6 seconds and release them at the same time, afterward.
  • This method will surely restart your Vizio soundbar which should have returned to its factory version. 

Bottom Line:

This review article has provided you with a comprehensive review of How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar. We have described four alternative ways to reset your soundbar. You can choose any of these to switch to the factory version of the Vizi soundbar. All of these methods are simple shortcuts that will restart your Vizio soundbar after a few clicks. 

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