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The internal cooling system in the computers helps in stabilizing its optimal internal temperature so that the computer won’t be heated up and hence fails to perform effectively.

The cooling system consists of one or two fans in the case of a laptop and more than two fans when it comes to the desktop cooling system.

The failure in the fans can cause the motherboard and CPU to suffer from overheating. So, this requires testing the performance of the GPU fans to check their reliability.

Now you will be wondering about the proper instructions and process of how to test GPU fans. This article lists down the features that are needed to be checked.

Presence Of Grime:

The accumulation of dirt, hair, or grease can restrict the performance of the fans and jam them. This grime can be penetrated through the device via air inlets or keyboards. The submission of grime can be stopped in two ways. One of the ways needs covering of the fan and another method includes blocking of the air inlets.

Unstable Power Source:

Accidental unplugging of the power source or damage to the cable can be the reason for fan stoppage. If the fans stop, make sure to check the status of the cables.

Misconfiguration Of GPU :

The paralyzing of the fans can include the reason present outside the cooling system. The GPU misconfiguration can stop the fans from working. A damaged motherboard can also cause the fans to stop.

Methods Of Testing Gpu Fans:

the severe malfunction can cause serious effects on the performance of the fans. In this case, it is important to run tests so that you can build an assertive and reliable evaluation.

 A First Look To The GPU Fans:

Running a routine check on the fans can provide significant information about the status of the fans. If you see dirt accumulation around the cooler unit, this indicates clogging that can compromise the performance of the fans.

To remove the grime, simply clean the fan with a soft brush or with a wet towel. This will effectively improve the performance and the speed of the GPU fans provided that there isn’t any other problem existing.

Checking Connection With Power Supply:

To check the reliability of the power supply, conduct the test by connecting the motherboard to any other power source. If the fan effectively works with other supplies, the problem exists in the PSU. But if the motherboard doesn’t show any response to the new power source, then the problem lies with the main and prime components of the motherboard.

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