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Are you an iPhone user with great love for music and podcasts? If that is the case then you must have several music playlists that you enjoy playing on your iPhone all the time. There are occasions when you are using your Mac Pc and want to enjoy the very same playlist that you have customized on your iPhone. 

What could you do in this situation? Should you try selecting all songs and create a new playlist on your Mac OS? Won’t that be a tiring or rather a never-ending process? Therefore you should look for alternative ways to transfer your iPhone music to your Mac OS? You must be wondering is even possible to do? 

Yes, it is possible and you can very easily transfer all of your iPhone music to your Mac OS within a few simple clicks. You can find alternative ways of transferring music from iPhone to Mac OS, in this review article.

Therefore carefully read t till the very end and see what method suits you the best or rather will cost you the least in terms of time and resources. 

How To Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac Without Software?

There is more than one way of transferring music from iPhone to Mac OS and you can choose to rely on third-party software for quick media transmission between your iOS devices.

The second method doesn’t ask for any dedicated software but rather relies on the Apple Cloud services, iTunes, or the iCloud. Whatever method you decide to go with, you can take help from our step-by-step guide and suit it according to your needs.

Method # 1: Using iTunes

iTunes is the most talked-about iOS application that is used for media sharing between various iOS devices. You can use iTunes to transfer your music, pictures, videos, and all other media including documents from your iPhone to PC, MacBook, laptop, and Mac OS. iTunes is freely available on the apple app store and you can download it without any hindrance. 

Given below are the instructions for using iTunes for transferring music from iPhone to Mac OS.

Step # 1

The first step for transferring music like any other media is to download and install the iTunes app on both your iPhone and Mac OS devices. Most iPhones have built-in iTunes but the Mac OS doesn’t have. You can download it from the app store and run it after installation.

Step # 2

After you have opened iTunes app in step # 1, it is time to connect your iPhone with your OS PC. You can connect the two devices using the USB type C data cable. This is the very same cable that you use for charging your iPhone. 

Step # 3

Open the iTunes app on the Mac OS and go to its top-left corner. You will see “file among the available options. Tap on the file to open a drop-down menu. From among the drop-down menu, you will see Devices. 

Click on devices to open another dialogue with the available OS devices connected with your Mac OS. 

Under the Devices, you will see “Transfer Purchased from “My iPhone”

Step # 4

Once you have selected transfer purchased from my iPhone, the media transmission will begin. iTunes will only purchase media of your iPhone and once the data transfer is completed you simply have to remove the USB cable and check the music on your Mac OS.

Play your transferred music from your iPhone on your Mac OS and thank us later.

METHOD # 2: Using iCloud

If you don’t want to go through the hustle of sharing music over iTunes or if you don’t simply want to transfer only the purchased music you can take help from the iCloud library. To use the iCloud method for sharing your media between iPhone and Mac OS you need to enable the iCloud library and sign in with your Apple ID. 

You need to sign in on both iPhone and Mac OS with the same Apple ID for this method to be used for music or other media sharing. 

You can follow the given steps to share your music.

Step # 1

The first and foremost thing to do is to enable the iCloud Music Library. Follow the given guidelines to do so.

  • Open iPhone device settings
  • Go to music
  • Click on the iCloud Music Library
  • Toggle the switch toward ON. 

Step # 2

  • Now open your Mac OS and open iTunes.
  • Go to preferences (you can find iTunes preferences at the menu bar on top of your screen)
  • Among the preferences, go to General Tab.
  • Select iCloud Music Library
  • Toggle it to enable the iCloud Music Library. 

Step 3

Once both your OS devices have enabled iCloud Music Library, you can simply add your music to the library and play it on as many devices as you want. You just have to sign in to your iCloud Music Library using the same Apple ID.

Final Words:

In this review article, we have provided you with two methods of sharing your music from your iPhone to Mac OS without using the software. You can take the help of either iTunes or iCloud to share your music. You can turn on the iCloud Music Library on both your iPhone and Mac OS to use the stored music on multiple devices. 

 You can also run the iTunes app on both iPhone and Mac OS and share the purchased music between the two devices. For iTunes, you would have to connect the two devices with a USB type C cable and then transfer the purchased music from your iPhone to Mac OS. 

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