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Hisense TVs are economical variants of high-quality 4k smart TV screens. This Chinese brand has reached the peak of its sales due to its long-lasting warranty, durability high-end performance, and competitive pricing.

All these factors add on together to make it a hyped and popular product across the nations. Customers all over the world are enjoying these affordable yet efficient TV screens. With blessings come trials and the same is the case for Hisense TV. Its remote controller tends to be the bane of users.

Hisense TV remote controller is not a very efficient product and quickly deteriorate leaving the TV without a controller and users perplexed about what to do now and how to turn on the TV?

If you are one of those fed-up users of Hisense TV who are tired of replacing the remote controller, then hook yourself to your screens.

Read our article about how to turn on Hisense TV without a remote, through the end to save yourself from the worries of the lost or faulty remote controller. You can choose from the number of available options to turn on your Hisense tv without the controller.

How To Turn On Hisense TV Without Remote

Given below are the number of ways to power on the Hisense tv even without the remote controller.

  1. Using tv Hisense TV buttons
  2. Using a universal remote controller
  3. Using remote control app
  4. Replacing controller

1. Using TV Hisense TV Buttons

After your remote controller has stopped working and Hisense TV is powered off, the foremost thing you can do is to look for power buttons on the Hisense tv.

Every TV has some control buttons on its body and the same is the case with Hisense TVs. The button may be at the lower right of the TV panel or they may be embedded at the lateral side of the panel.

Most smart TVs have control buttons at the lateral sides.

Among the control buttons on the TV body are:

  • The power button
  • The volume up, and
  • Volume down button

Some TVs lack volume up and down buttons but almost all TVs have the power button.

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds usually 5 seconds to turn on or off the TV.

If you want to put the TV on standby or sleep mode, you can simply tap once on the power button and let the TV sleep.

2. Using A Universal Remote Controller

If you are not satisfied with the quality and working of the Hisense TV remote you can try out universal tv controllers that save you from the Hussle of changing remote controllers with TV sets. Universal TV remote controllers are very durable and allow you to use a single TV for all brand-name tv screens.

To use a universal tv remote you have to pair it with Hisense TV and this is done using the universal remote code.

Some of the Hisense tv universal codes are:

  • 0848
  • 0156
  • 0216
  • 0073
  • 1170

3. Using Remote Control App

Tv buttons are usually fragile and using them for long times is not an option. Also reaching the lateral or bottom end buttons may pose challenges due to height and media wall designs. If you can’t reach your tv buttons and are looking for alternative ways of turning on the tv, you can try using the controller app.

Hisense TV can be controlled using the REMOTE NOW app available both at the Apple App Store and Google play store.

Follow the given steps to use the app.

  • Download and install the remote now app.
  • Search the Hisense tv model in the app
  • Pair the app and Hisense tv using Bluetooth technology
  • Connect the two devices
  • Keep the controller app screen facing the TV screen to give commands like changing channels, increasing or decreasing volume other than turning on the tv

4. Replacing Controller

If none of the troubleshooting help and neither of the ways to turn on the TV without a remote controller works then your best bet is to go for a new remote controller.

Purchase the latest Hisense TV remote with some warranty and durability claim. A high-end Hisense TV remote can be purchased from Amazon for less than 10 USD.

You can also try out a replacement remote controller from Amazon that works for multiple devices.

TroubleShooting Hisense TV Remote Control

Although these ways of turning on Hisense tv without a remote controller will prove to be effective for you, it is not a long-term solution and you eventually have to buy a new remote set.

Therefore it will be best to try some troubleshooting steps to try quick repair options for the Hisense tv remote controller.

We have researched and reviewed the most effective troubleshooting ways and have come up with this review. You can go through the below-given steps to quickly troubleshoot the remote controller to see if it starts working or not.

  • Ensure that the remote controller is properly powered by the batteries.
  • Check the batteries and try replacing them with newer ones.
  • Ensure that batteries are properly placed within the specified compartments.
  • Ensure that batteries are not wet.
  • Wet batteries will be symbolic of drainage within the batteries and will not work any longer.

After going through all these steps and replacing the batteries, there are high chances that your controller may start working.

If it doesn’t get any better and doesn’t work you have to eventually look for ways to turn on the Hisense TV without a remote until you get your hands on the newer remote controller.


The remote controller is a necessary part of TV streaming and it is a Hussle to operate a tv without a remote. If you are facing this tiring trouble you can give our article a read to look for the ways to save your neck. We have given some troubleshooting tricks to use malfunctioning remote and also different ways of turning on Hisense tv without remote.

Hope that helps!

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