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Paint sprayers are making lives easier as it helps in getting things painted fast and efficiently. A simple paint sprayer is designed for easy usage by a common man and eradicates the need for professional helps to fulfill the task.

But is it easy to install it and add paint to it? How to use a paint sprayer? These kinds of questions are frequently asked by beginners. This article explains the simple procedure of preparing the paint sprayer to use it.

Filling Paint Sprayer:

Start by opening the paint container of the sprayer by unscrewing it. New paint can be added directly into the containers but old paint may need straining. Fill in the container as per the project requirement that can be ½ or ¾ of it. for thinning the paint, add water in small portions and stir as adding. 

Thinning Of Paints:

Not all paints are required to be thinned, such as oil or latex-based paints, varnish, and primers are thick in texture and needed to be thin. The Polycrylic or clear sealers, Stain, and Polyurethane are in perfect consistency and don’t need thinning.

Spray Pattern:

The paint sprayer offers you the adjustment of the spray pattern by turning the wings present on the air cup in the sprayer front. The horizontally adjusted wings will result in vertical pattern spraying while the vertically adjusted wings create horizontal patterns. Generally, a horizontal spray pattern is used for painting up and down, and for side-to-side painting, the paint sprayer is adjusted vertically.

Using The Paint Sprayer:

After adding paint and adjusting the spray pattern, if your paint sprayer includes batteries, simply turn it on and starting painting. If it is electrically corded, plug it into the nearest power source of the painting area.

To start painting, keep the distance of 5 to 10 inches from the painting surface. Pull the trigger and hold the spray firmly so it won’t move due to its pressure. Constantly move your arm throughout the surface not to accumulate uneven paint in a single place.

Coating With Paint Sprayer:

The paint sprayed by a paint sprayer is usually thin and requires 2 to 3 coats. Sometimes, hard to reach aren’t done on the first try and the paint sprayer is needs to be slightly tilted. This can be covered in 2nd or 3rd coat. Let every coat dry before applying another coat. 

Once all surface is coated completely, clean the paint sprayer so that the residual paint won’t create lumps in the paint container causing a reduction in the efficiency. Screw out all the paint and let the water run through the tube of the paint sprayer.


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