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Use Of Headphones Mic:

Connecting headphones to Mic on PC is becoming a necessity for players, gamers, and even workers at the office to increase concentration, listen to music, or experience in-game explosions and effects.

The connection and usage of the headphone Mic on a PC can be established following simple steps and procedures providing the answer for how to use the headphone mic on a PC. 

Working Technique:

You would have often heard headphones and microphones’ functionality together. Why is it so? It is due to the same working technique of both devices.

The diaphragm of the headphone produces vibrations that in turn produce the sound. While the same phenomena are applied in the microphones reversely. The vibrations are converted to the electric signals that produce digital sound.

Plugging In And Detection Of Microphone:

The simple process of using a headphone mic on the PC starts with plugging headphones into the microphone input plug. This is detected by the Windows as default mic.

To optimize the control of the mic, open the Control Panel and click on Sound and then “Manage Audio Devices”. This opens the window of the “Sound control panel” where you need to click on the top tabs and “Recording” on the attached microphone detected earlier.

Tab Optimization:

To set and optimize the tabs, go for Microphone settings to see the four tabs titled General, Listen, Levels, and Advanced. Level tabs function by modifying the capture level and the boost level.

The General tab indicates the activation of the mic. The Advanced level provides pre-format settings that merely needed activation.

The optimal setting is level-2 with the size of 24-Bit and the quality at the measure of 192000 Hz. The quality of the microphone largely depends upon the sound drivers and the cards as well. After the settings adjustment, click OK to apply them on the PC.

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