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HP 243A Monitor:

What We Like
  • Thin Bezel Design
  • Fhd Display
  • IPS Panel
  • Anti Glare Panel
  • Vesa Mounting
  • Mercury Free Back Lighting
What We Don't Like
  • 24 inch display size
  • 5 millisecond response time
  • 60 hertz refresh rate
HP is a trusted dealer in computer and monitor screens and is known for its decade of services in the said field. The HP manufacturers are burning the midnight oil to produce for their customers a massive lineup of reliable and quality products that are very well worth each penny that the buyer will spend over them. This prestige and durability of these products are laying like a solid foundation for the brand and garnering for the brand a strong customer lineup that is the heart of sales of any product. This HP model is a member of the 3A series and is a budget-friendly monitor that is coming under 100 USD range and offering its potential buyers and the customers a feature-rich package with a bundle of high-end premium features merged with the basic traits of a monitor system to create a great general-purpose device.


This monitor is coming with a 24-inch display screen which is offering a thin bezel design with an ultra-thin borderless body leaving behind a 23.8-inch viewable screen and allows the users to enjoy the full display for which they have paid for. This 24-inch screen may not be the ideal display as everyone likes to have a bigger screen before them which could ideally give them an immersive view obsoleting the distractions from the sides and capturing the full focus. But this HP 24 inch screen doesn’t look like the ideal one and users have to satisfy themselves with a small screen if they are looking for a budget-friendly apprentice. Other than its small-screen display it has an FHD Resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels which provide it a crisp clear image quality on-screen which is far more improved and enhanced than the 786 pixels resolution which seems to be a waste of money on a monitor screen and this FHD resolution act as the bottom line of monitor resolution. This monitor is also compatible with VESA Mounting ability and this also makes the monitor good for multi-monitor setups which are nowadays a trait far more than reality as a forex trader or photo editing artists are on a hunt for bigger screen experience with these mini display devices and VESA mount is must for that purpose. Another significant consideration of a monitor mounting capability is its ergonomic stand and this is not a very appealing trait of this computer as its stand allows only tilting and other necessary skills like pivoting, rotating, and having an adjustable height are not possible in this monitor. Another drawback of this monitor is its slow response time of 5 milliseconds which causes a significant input lag and makes the device unsuitable for gaming purposes.


This monitor is a great monitor unit if the buyer is on a hunt for a budget-friendly pick and has a rich package having many good features with certain drawbacks like slow response time and a conventional refresh rate making the device good for only entry-level users.

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