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HP is a renowned seller known for producing quality monitors and other computer-associated accessories which are leading the consumer market with their repute and unrivaled performance which is garnering a solid customer base for the brand.

This customer base is proving to be the most valuable asset for the manufacturers and their excellence and expertise are continually adding fuel to the fire of quality-driven manufacturing and production.

This HP VH240a model has the prestige to be the bestseller brand among the monitor categories and this budget-friendly monitor is that single jack which has the potential to prove its worth as the master of all trades.

This master terrain monitor is a great model coming with all the must-have features whose presence enriches the monitor package and makes it a worthy purchase.

Features of HP VH240a Monitor

This HP VH240a Monitor is coming with a 23.8 viewable screen size and taking into account its edges and framed body it has a 24’ display which could prove to be a valuable unit for a multi-monitor setup. Thus this 23.8-inch screen could ideally be used as either a single monitor for official work or gaming or it could be utilized as a base for a multi-monitor setup being carried out for ideal forex trading or photo editing tasks.

In addition to its general purpose use, this display has also the goodness of giving a needed visual appeal and the must-have color accuracy which will prove its worth and whose mere presence is the ultimate deciding force of any device’s worth.

This monitor is having an in-plane switching panel as its display panel type and as it is known all through the market IPS panel has the best in class color reproduction skills which are difficult to be found anywhere else.

This monitor has onboard speakers coming with it to benefit its users with a thrilling experience but these built-in speakers are only 2 X 2W speakers and thus are not of very great quality but rather the very opposite of it.

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These cheap quality speakers are not a useless addition at all as something is better than nothing and these 2W speakers could make up their use for notifications and alarm sounds if not replacing the external audio source.

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Having an ergonomic stand at this screen size and the minimal price tag is no less than wonder and HP has done its magic in doing so by launching a model compatible with both VESA Mount and an ergonomic stand.

This ergonomic stand is fully complacent in providing the tilt, pivot, and rotates feature along with the swivel base and the best among these ergonomics is of height adjustability which makes it easy to utilize and work with.

What We Like
  • FHD Display
  • IPS Panel
  • VESA Mounting
  • Built In Speakers
  • Ergonomic Stand
What We Don't Like
  • 23.8” Small Screen.


This HP model with a 24-inch screen is the best seller monitor with all the high-end features in this miniature size screen which provides the goodness of everything let it be an FHD Resolution, an IPS Panel, an ergonomic stand, or built-in speakers, this monitor has something for everyone.

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