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Welcome to the world of monitors! Where every device is exceptional and unique. Each one of the monitors is launched by many well known and renowned brands. If you are interested in gaming and plan on buying a monitor for gaming experience then the best course of action would be to buy Lenovo L27q-20.

This is a Lenovo L27q-20 brand monitor and is loaded with mouthwatering specs. L27q-20 is a reliable gadget that will always back you up. It’s a perfect combo of features and functions. Let’s see what this beauty has to offer.

Specifications Lenovo L27-q20 Monitor

SHARK ION P50 - I C162Specification
Digital MotorYes
Bin Capacity0.6 Liters
Hepa FiltrationYes
Multiflex Technology No
Hand-VAC ModeYes
Pet Multi Tool Yes
Mini Motorized Brushroll Yes
Docking StationYes
Charge Time 3.5 Hours
Warranty5 Years
Weight12 Pounds
Product Dimensions 10.24 x 12.45 x 44.8 Inches

Lenovo L27q-20 Monitor is an amazing monitor that is actually made up of high-quality plastic providing an aluminum effect to the entire unit. The stand that comes along with this monitor is made up of high-quality metal providing the sturdiness that we all desire.

The monitor has the ability to tilt or adjust the height of the monitor however it’s not entirely flexible and has limited options as well.

Lenovo L27q-20 is a three-sided bezel-less monitor with a reasonably thick display base. Well, the reason for the base to be so wide is because of the controls that are present over there. The thick base bezels won’t hinder your progress at all. The screen is not reflective and its size is 27 inches.

The non-reflective screen makes it possible for you to easily view and read things on the monitor. The panel type of monitor is IPS. Well, IPS is the abbreviation for the In-plane switch technology. There are 3-panel types that can be found in any monitor.

The first one is the TN panel. If you opt for a TN panel monitor you would get a monitor that is extremely responsive.

The next is the VA panel. If you opt for a monitor that is having a VA panel then you would be able to get high contrast and vibrant visuals. The last is the IPS panel. Such a panel monitor is known for its awesome consistency of colors and the visual angles.

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The resolution that is offered by L27q-20 QHD which is quad HD that’s higher than the HD and FHD. The crisp and sharp visuals are one of the selling points.

Let’s observe the backside of the monitor. The rear of the monitor contains an HDMI and DP. The color gamut that this monitor offers is 99%sRGB. Its color range is about 16.7 billion colors.

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The most noticeable feature of this monitor is the eye comfort technology. This technology is pretty effective in providing you with a screen environment that is healthy for your eyes. The vibrant colors are filtered and adjusted according to the intensity that normal eyes can handle and would not be damaged.

What We Like
  • Good design
  • Cool graphic
What We Don't Like
  • Stand offers only the tilt adjustment

Bottom Line:

L27q-20 is a versatile monitor that can be used for work, entertainment, and gaming. This spectacular design monitor is a perfect partner for you.

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