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LG is an immensely popular TV and electronic brand which has a massive range of computer monitor which like other LG plethora of consumer goods products are the mouthpieces of the brand and are highlighting the quality and precision of the manufacturing capacity of the brand.

This model is a 27-inch screen which is the standard screen size and is the most common and prevalent size in the market and this is because this size range features the ideal combo of price and performance and as high-end features in a large screen go beyond the price range and upset the budget and users are not ready to have a small screen experience, therefore, this 27-inch size tier is the best of all as it has the high-end features and the screen is not small enough to prevent you from an immersive experience.

LG 27UK850 brand like all other electrical tycoons is coming with its own strength and weaknesses which is based on consumer satisfaction and reviews which are the strength of any brand.

Other than its size the model is having the best shots of high-end features like its connectivity options, its display and free sync technology all of these features add on to give the users an experience they long for.

Features LG 27UK850 Monitor

It has a thin borderless design LG 27UK850 Monitor from three sides giving the most of the size as a viewable screen and thus users can enjoy the full 27 inches for. Which they have paid for. 4K UHD Resolution is literally a high-end feature which is the ideal choice for anyone and everyone.

This is because this much resolution of was only coming at home theaters and cinematic tools to give the best in the class appearance of the on-screen imagery but with the recent advancement of technology, this resolution and color accuracy is coming at the very reach of ordinary users of every field and realm.

This monitor has a 3840 by 2160 pixels resolution which is the best shot of the monitor but for this much picture clarity, you definitely have to spend whooping sums of money.

Which are balanced at a reasonable price tag due to the standard 27-inch screen size.

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To enhance the performance of this much resolution pixels it has an HDR 10 option as well which is giving it the needed visual clarity and appeal.

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The onboard color gamut of the monitor is set the 99 percent sRGB which is the most common and widely acknowledged color spectrum for proven image quality and color reproduction.

Another of its most praiseworthy feature is its connectivity range and this is necessary for multimedia sharing and connections with the other devices, it has the standard connection port, the HDMI and along with that it also has a USB type C port which is the rarest and the most desired option these days.

What We Like
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • IPS Panel
  • HDR 10
  • USB C
What We Don't Like
  • 5 Milliseconds Slow Response


This LG monitor is no exception to the legacy of the brand and has a 4k UHD display with a thin bezel design and a frameless body making it great for visual appeal and picture quality, its USB C port and HDR 10 compatibility make it a great monitor well worth the investment.

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