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LG is the most widely recognized brand immensely popular among the masses as the top-rated and highly acknowledged manufacturing firm producing the quality and trustworthy consumer goods and the durability of the items produced by the firm have given them a prestigious spot in the market which is admired by almost everyone and is envied by a lot more than that.

The position where LG is sitting right now is difficult to attain by other brands in near future but one thing is for sure that despite the so much technological advancement and groundbreaking initiatives the pristine with which the firm was lingering on in its products has not seen a downfall even for the slightest of a moment and on the very contrary it has continually enhanced with each passing day.

LG 27UL500 monitor is a great multi-purpose tool for those people who are looking for something exceptional with an enhanced power of multi-tasking and a lot more than just the display and visual appeal. This thing makes the monitor best suited for corporate users who opt to work it with spreadsheets and other official work.

Other than this ability the monitor is also great for those people who want to use it for home cinematic purposes and is equally good with those who are looking for their best gaming partner as the model is equipped with gaming parameters as well to garner a baseline of gaming customers as well.

Features LG 27UL500 Monitor

This is another 27-inch screen from the massive lineup of a standard 27-inch display by the LG brand and this time it has added a lot more than the 4K UHD Resolution and this is to say that.

This is a great all-purpose model that is great for multi-functional tasks and with its IPS Panel, it delivers.

The best in class color reproduction capability which is unbeatable by any other panel type recently in use in the market.

The monitor has an a3840 by 2160 pixels resolution with 300 nits of brightness as the peak brightness but for those.

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Who wants to have their screen brightness lowered the monitor has a typical brightness of 240 nits which suit their needs and they toggle between the two however they like it more.

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Radeon FreeSync Technology is also a good addition to the monitor as it makes the users able to use the monitor for gaming purposes.

This gives them the crystal clear display with a tear and shutter free screen which is very well worth the money one will invest in this monitor.

What We Like
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • 99% sRGB
  • IPS Panel
  • USB-C Port
  • HDR 10
  • Radeon Free Sync Technology
What We Don't Like
  • 5ms Response Time
  • 60 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • No On Board Speakers


This monitor is a great device that has the potential to be the best buddy for a variety of reasons with its HDR 10 compatible 4K Resolution and 98 percent of sRGB with 300 nits of brightness and Radeon FreeSync Technology which give it a stutter-free screen with brilliant pixels.

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