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LG has always come up with something unique and mind-blowing and this is a particular aspect of their manufacturing excellence which is far ahead of other brands though the technological advancements by other manufacturing firms are putting.

If the brand wouldn’t have garnered a massive and solid foundation of trustworthy customers who are not ready to set their allegiances anywhere except LG plethora of products.

LG 29WK600 at a serious competition the expertise and solid customer base of LG are passing through every challenge like passing the flowing water and this would be unimaginable.

LG manufacturers are fully aware of their customers satisfaction and are striving day and night to fulfill those expectations and provide something extra to earn new customers and this is like a win win situation for the market and the users who are able to get their hands on great quality products while staying within their requirements and having an ideal model at hand.

Features LG 29WK600 Monitor

This model LG 29WK600 Monitor has a 29-inch large screen which is quite a rare screen size and highlights the mid-tier of display sizes available in the market with 27-inch size as the leading small size most commonly encountered one in the market and the 32-inch size as the starting point for a bigger screen.

Therefore, this 29-inch display has the goodness of both the tiers and provides users a big-screen experience at an affordable price range.

This large screen monitor is not the only noteworthy aspect of the monitor as it is providing amusement of both a large and a small screen in a single monitor and this is provided in shape of a wide view screen with 21:9 wide aspect ratio than the standard 16:9 aspect ratio.

This provides the users a screen which delivers to them an immersive and thrilling cinematic view which spell bind them before the screen with its amazing display coming at a full HD IPS view and this FHD resolution is coming with wider pixels of 2160 by 1080 pixels rather than the 1920 by 1080 pixels of a 16:9 screen.

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This monitor is also offering an AMD FreSync Technology to boost its use among the gamers whose sole concern is with a fast paced gaming action which demands a tear and stutter free screen display.

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FreeSync Technology promises that by reducing the input lag created by the difference in the screen’s refresh rate and the graphic card’s frame rate which leads to a distorted image quality and this is avoided to a great extent with AMD FreeSync which leads towards a smooth screen without any tearing produced.

What We Like
  • 29 inch ultra wide
  • 21:9 wide aspect ratio
  • FHD display
  • 99% sRGB
  • HDR 10 compatibility
  • FreeSync
  • On screen control and split
What We Don't Like
  • Lack ergonomic stand


This model is an amazing monitor which is a very worthy purchase with its 21:9 wide aspect ratio delivering a wider screen view along with its 29-inch large screen and 100 percent of sRGB continuum over an IPS Display Panel which maximizes the color reproduction and provides a crisp clear visual leading towards a breathtaking screen experience.

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