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LG has been revolutionizing the electronic world with so many great quality products that it literally impossible to beat the pristine position it is acquiring in the market today with the greatest number of the consumer goods than by any other electronic manufacturer and this massive range of product is establishing the brand so well in the customer’s heart that they are not ready to get their hands on any other model than their favorite product by their favorite brand.

These LG products are a mouthpiece of the manufacturing excellence and the quality that their manufacturer put in each piece and part of the machinery and this is evident by the durability and the performance of these products making the LG goods lifetime investments while being committed to their motto of Life’s good.

LG 32UD59 monitor model is no exception to the legacy of the Life’s good LG plethora of manufacturing skills and it delivers a powerful all-round performance which enables the model to be utilized as an all-round monitor screen being utilizes by the graphic artists in need of exceptionally color-accurate display of 4K UHD Resolution.

Forex trader in pursuit of a large screen to view multi tabs at the same time on a single screen instead of alt-tabbing over and again and it is also equally good for a corporate worker in need of working with spreadsheets as it is great for home entertainment and a cinematic display.

Features LG 32UD59 Monitor

LG 32UD59 Monitor is a 32-inch screen with the 4K Resolution coming as the UltraSharp resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels.

Which is the heart of the monitor and drive such a powerful and brilliant color-accurate display.

This creates an immersive environment and obsoletes the distractions from the siding making the monitor the sole focus point of the users giving them better work retention and agile operation due to the enhanced retention.

To aid this brightly lit 4K display it has built-in stereo speakers to cut short on the external audio device but these are not of exceptional quality and one may be in need of an audio source to be attached with.

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The device if he or she is to enjoy a fully audiogenic and thrilling cinematic view nothing short of giving a true home theater appearance.

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It is also equally good for the entry level gamers who are looking for a great picture with a swift response time and a shutter free screen.

Both of these prerequisites of the gamers are fulfilled by the incorporation of a 4 milliseconds average grey to grey (GTG) response time and inculcation of an AMD Free SYNC which gives the user a tear and stutter-free screen experience.

What We Like
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • IPS Panel
  • 95% sRGB
  • DCI P3
  • Free Sync Technology
  • Adjustable Height
What We Don't Like
  • 60 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • 4 Milliseconds Of Response Time


This LG model is a representative of the mid-tier of the brand and is a great budget-friendly monitor with 4K resolution, 4 milliseconds GTG response time, adjustable height of the ergonomic stand which is also VESA compatible, making the model a worthy purchase.

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