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LG has always come up with some of the finest product in the market which is not only known for their prestige and performance but rather are very appealing and user friendly and promises a durable and life time product which has the potential to be the best buddy of the potential customers.

These LG products are world-renowned and have a strong customer base which is mostly immune to technological advancements and mostly relies upon the quality of the goods they are prone to use being coming under their favorite monitor manufacturers.

LG 32UD99 model is an all in one device which is clearly crafted keeping in mind the aspirations and the needs of the potential buyers in mind and the manufacturers have ensured that the monitor reflects the reality of a dream product.

Which everyone wants to have on their side but as the phrase goes that nothing is perfect here so is the case with this monitor and the most apparent and the obvious downside of the monitor is its high price which complicates the task of having your hands on your favorite monitor.

Features LG 32UD99 Monitor

This monitor is coming with a large 32-inch screen which is the most desired screen size in the market as this mid-tier screen displays the average of both a reasonable price tag and a desired large screen performance.

The best thing about this display is its 4K UHD resolution which provides 3840 by 2160 pixels resolution and this is the best resolution type in the market having the best color accuracy and the visual appeal which is unmatchable with any other pixel combination.

In addition to its contrasting and appealing display, this computer screen will offer its user a 100 percent DCI P3 color spectrum and in addition to that it also offers an HDR 10 compatibility and these two great color spectra add an extra-fine line to the color accuracy on the screen.

This monitor is not just all about the color accuracy but rather has a bit of something for everyone and this makes it a super cool tool to have it by your side.

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Of a good addition in this monitor besides its color accuracy is its high brightness level which helps with its usage in low ambient light conditions and this is a good addition in it as most of the monitor is coming with the average brightness level of 250 or 300 nits only.

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But this monitor instead has a 550 nits brightness which represents its peak level.

Ergonomics are another of its notable feature allowing it to be pivoted, rotated, tilted, and a lot more with its adjustable height making the monitor a perfect place for investment.

What We Like
  • 32 inch display size
  • 4K UHD resolution (2160 pixels)
  • HDR 10 compatibility
  • 95 % DCI-P3 color spectrum
  • 550 nits peak brightness
  • VESA mounting
  • Ergonomic stand
What We Don't Like
  • Highly pricey


this is an all-round monitor which has the goodness of a number of monitor screens offering its features in bits and pieces while this monitor aggregate them and make it a perfect combination for everyone. The monitor has its only bottom as the too costly price tag and this demands one to invest in a serious sum of money if he has to get his hand on this dream product.

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