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It’s in human nature to conquer the impossible. As time passed, technology became modified to what we see in the present day. This technology has made it possible to travel fast, talk to long-distance relatives with ease, and travel to a virtual world. Monitors are the cherry at the top. These gadgets have further enhanced our lives with their characteristics and features. Hours of work can be done in a few minutes with these lovely display electronics.

Now, the variety that the tech market boosts is remarkable, and finding your destined one in this crowd can be quite a tough row to hue. Well, to make your search easy, we give you 34GN850 B. LG 34GN850 B is a monitor that will suit anybody’s taste. Whether you are a gamer, graphic designer, or a content creator, this buddy will definitely help you because of its versatile characteristics.

Specifications LG 34GN850 B Monitor

SHARK ION F80Specification
Digital MotorYes
Bin Capacity0.3 Liters
Noise Level69 DB
Multiflex Technology Yes
Hand-VAC ModeYes
Filter TypeFoam And Felt Filter
Mini Motorized BrushrollYes
Docking StationYes
Charge Time 3.5 Hours
Warranty7 Years
Weight8.51 Pounds
Product Dimensions 13.4 L X 10.24 W X 45.98 H

A debonair monitor is one that we all desire. LG 34GN850 B Monitor beauty speaks for itself. It is a 3 sided zero frame monitor painted in black. The monitor is quite known for its elegance and graceful looks.

The back of the monitor is glossy as well providing various slots for dual HDMI, display port, and USB port 3.1. The built-in stand that is attached to the monitor is pretty flexible as well. You can tilt or elevate the monitor according to your need.

This champ is launched by the world-famous, hero of all display electronics “THE LG BRAND ” You can definitely put your sacred trust in their products as they will never betray you.

LG 34GN850 B is the product that the LG brand holds very precious to itself. This monitor is the direct road to a world that will make you drool over. Let’s see what awaits us.

Now, the screen. The LG 34GN850 B is beautifully designed with a 34 inch display screen that boosts nano IPS technology. It offers the depth that no monitor is able to provide. The deeper and more detailed graphics provided by the quad HD resolution makes you have an enjoyable experience.

The high definition visuals that this monitor offers provides you with a realistic and lifelike experience. The spectacular color uniformity and consistency that this monitor boost is surely remarkable.

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Now, let’s see how much compatibility features this monitor offers. In terms of support and compatibility, this monitor is in harmony with the VESA DisplayHDR400. Along with that, it offers the NVidia G sync compatibility and AMD free sync premium. The buttery and fluid-like experience that you all experience is the fruit of these features.

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The refresh rate provided by this monitor is 144Hz which is relatively quite high. As far as the response rate is concerned it is 1ms. The diminished input lag and motion blur is your future if you buy LG 34GN850 B.

What We Like
  • G sync compatibility
  • AMD free sync
What We Don't Like
  • Offers only HDR400

Bottom Line:

LG 34GN850 B is a monitor that will make your wish of seamless experience a reality. With this monitor, motion blur, ghosting and stuttering seem like a dream.

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