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LG is the name of trust and durability and there is no other definition of the brand as the manufacturer is the pioneer and the most trusted electronic brand which has the greatest number of household electrical appliances ranging from the kitchen goods to laundry, computer screens, and every type of electrical good that one is in need of in his home and office.

This is the most reputable brand which has continually been the best at winning the hearts of its users and many of its products are best-selling in their category and they are great too such an amazing extent that they don’t have any other brand as their model and compete with its very own kin to maintain their legacy and expertise.

LG 34UC79G Monitor model is aimed at the gamers and thus is tailored with the best possible gaming features like the refresh rate and motion blur reduction but the legacy of LG lies in the display not in the gaming realm though the monitor has tried hard to challenge the well-reputed and the best gaming monitors.

However, the model has not been that good to have?tag=zeereviewz-20 a pristine spot in the virtual world as the manufacturer has tried to keep a balance between the features and specs and the price tag and with this large screen size and an affordable price tag it is not possible to get the best gaming LG monitor under 1000 dollar range and this model too is coming at 800 USD range which is the average LG price tag with this much specifications.

Features LG 34UC79G Monitor

Refresh Rate is the heart of any gaming LG 34UC79G Monitor and this determines how swiftly you can make a transit to a new frame.

It giving you a new image on the screen, the higher the refresh rate better will be the performance.

The usual refresh speed PC prevalent in the market is either 60 or 75 hertz while many good gaming monitors built for gamers in mind are offering 100 and 120 hertz too.

This PC has an edge over all of them as it is coming with 144 frames per second refresh rate.

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Thus this model will be better suited to give you a fast-paced gaming experience which is very well worth the cost.

But if you talk about the competition you will be able to have a 144-hertz refresh at 200 dollar range but color accuracy will be unmatched to the level of LG.

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AMD FreeSync technology is another of its plus point which prevents the screen input lag and thus you can experience a smooth screen time.

What We Like
  • 34-inch screen
  • Curved ultraWide display
  • 144-hertz refresh rate
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Numerous connectivity options
What We Don't Like
  • FHD resolution
  • 10 milliseconds of slowest response


If you are looking for the optimum color accuracy with an FHD Display and 144-hertz refresh rate this 34-inch curved monitor will be a great device but this great gaming PC is not free from the loops as it has the slowest response time of 10 milliseconds which is the bottom line of the monitor

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