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LG is so committed to its motto of Life’s Good and that’s what each LG product promises to give you, the goodness of a stress-free life by embracing the technology and making it dependable and trustworthy. The bench strength of the said brand is literally enough to let the brand enjoy the pristine position which it is enjoying in the recent time.

The praiseworthy feature which distinguishes the brand from all other brands in the market is the quality of their products and similar is the case with monitors coming under the LG trademark is their display and color accuracy.

LG 34WK650 is a top-rated model and every product coming under the benchmark of the LG tag is a reliable device that is very pleasing to the customers and is continually winning the hearts of its users and critiques alike.

All LG monitors are having such a great and amazing color reproduction and accuracy that the new coming and the pre-established brands could not be able to achieve that in the near future despite so much technological advancement.

Features LG 34WK650 Monitor

LG 34WK650 Monitor has a large screen giving a wider view and this way you can see a lot more tabs on the same screen instead of changing through them using.

The alt-tab function and this is because its 34-inch screen is coming with the wide view angles which are promising to give the users a 33 percent large screen space than the ordinary 34-inch screen without the widescreen.

It has a larger aspect ratio than the common aspect ratio of 16:10 prevalent in the market and this is the reason behind its widescreen appearance.

This LG monitor is coming at a 21:9 aspect ratio and this gives it an immersive screen experience that obsoletes the distractions from the sides and this is a great thing as everyone wants to have an immersive monitor.

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It has a 99 percent sRGB content which gives it the best color reproduction giving the crisp clear visual clarity and natural lifelike imagery.

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To enhance this color accuracy it has enabled HDR 10 compatibility which blends the best frames of an image into a single image which gives the improved quality images and thus better graphic artistic view.

On-screen control is another of an amazing feature which allows the users to control the most common settings using the clicks of the mouse instead of the buttons and it also has a split-screen feature which is the necessity of these days multi-tasking monitors and using this feature you can browse through multiple tabs at once instead of al tabbing again and again.

What We Like
  • Flicker-Free Screen
  • Spilled Screen
  • On-Screen Control
What We Don't Like
  • FHD Display
  • Slow Response Time


This 34-inch monitor together with its 75-hertz refresh rate, FHD Display, 21:9 aspect ratio, and an AMD FreeSync enabled gaming experience with the flicker-free technology to prevent screen flickering and a fully ergonomic stand HDR 10 and IPS display panel which give it an amazing picture quality making it a great computer for graphic arts beginners and photo editors.

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