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LG Electronics is leading the consumer market with the most number of electronic goods than any other brand and this highlights the customer satisfaction and the trust in the manufacturing abilities and the capacity of the LG electronics manufacturers.

This LG model is coming at a 34-inch display screen with an LCD or LED display having an IPS Panel all three of these specs add on to its color accuracy and precision making it a great model for graphic artists and professional CAD or CAM users whose sole concern is with the picture quality and visual appeal of the device they will opt to use for.

LG Electronics 34UB88 has broken the stereotypes of a stressful electronics market as each LG product is a result of the precision and accuracy of the brand which is the strength of the manufacturing firm.

But lifelike imagery is not all about this amazing monitor as it has a great deal to offer its users ranging from the connectivity options to ergonomics and the smooth screen time owned by the ye care techs of the device which are a necessity these days to prevent the digital eye strain and stress resulting from the extensive usage of the device.

Features LG Electronics 34UB88 Monitor

As we stated earlier that this model is aimed at entry-level graphic artists and for them, the display resolution is everything that’s why the foremost consideration is the Resolution of this LG Electronics 34UB88 Monitor computer screen.

This is coming at a QHD Display of 3440 by 1440 pixels giving the users a full 2K HD Display using which you view the fine lines on screen enjoying the designing and project completion with much more accuracy than an ordinary device.

Ergonomics is an important scenario of any device as corporate and professional photo editing or even gaming requires one to spend most of their day time over screens and this is causing many health hazards for the users who are continually exposed to the harmful radiations from the screen.

This might not be significantly strong enough to cause lethal harm to the body but their prevention is a must to ensure a healthy usage that’s where eye care technologies and ergonomic stand play its part.

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This model is fully supported by the ergonomics which allow the users to control the positioning of their device having full control over the mobility and angle of the screen.

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The monitor can be rotated to fit the best view, it can be pivoted, tilted and above all, it has an adjustable height feature that allows the users to set their very own and preferred screen height to best match their preferences and eye level.

Other than these amazing qualities it also offers a number of connectivity options like it have an HDMI port and a Display port along with the USB option and the device is also VESA compatible to allow you the ability to mount the monitor over the screen

What We Like
  • 2K WQHD resolution
  • USB port
  • VESA mounting
What We Don't Like
  • Highly-priced
  • Low refresh rate


This LG model is a great tool for a professional photo editor with a 2K QHD resolution, VESA mounting along with an ergonomic stand, and a vast number of connectivity options allowing for a swift multimedia sharing and above all an affordable price tag which is the best thing about any tool.

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