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LG UltraWide Monitor:


21:9 Wide Aspect Ratio

FHD Display

IPS Panel

24 bit LUT calibration


25 inch size

Low brightness of 200 nits

LG is trying its luck in various field of consumer goods but the success which the brand has faced in electronic household appliances particularly the TV screens and monitors is far ahead of all and has a long way to go with the best in class products falling under the LG Benchmark. LG is manufacturing some of the greatest monitors of all time and the best thing of its lineup is that it has a rich diversity of features and displays to choose monitor from. This monitor unlike other LG lineup is not just a vibrant and elegant screen but this has a wide view as well to give you an immersive screen time.

But as the notion goes of saying that you get what you paid for the rule is simple here too that for wider screen you have to pay the higher bucks but LG has done its magic and brought you this model at an affordable price range which is due to the small screen size as a compensation for wider aspect ratio.


This ultra wide monitor is equipped with an In Plane Switching panel like all other latest monitor and this gives it the needed appeal and clarity which is at heart of any professional computer screen but with this panel type the display that this monitor offers is limited to 25 inches only which is a massive drawback for those in pursuit of a bigger screen but what this monitor offers in exchange is a budget friendly price tag which is a surprise from the brand known for making highly costly yet reasonably priced product.

Another of its downside lies in its brightness level which has two variants one for the peak brightness level as 250 nits only which is much lower than the minimum brightness of many computer and as the minimum possible brightness this monitor has a 200 nits level which although great for general purpose but in bright ambient light conditions it could hinder the performance severely.

Screen split is turning to be a much demanding feature these days and this is because multi-tasking is on the very rise with the ongoing increase in the versatility of the devices therefore, this model features a split screen 2.0 feature which allows the users to view their multiple screens side by side with each other at the very same time of enjoying their favorite tasks. HDMI port is also a great addition in this monitor which allows for the multimedia connectivity.


model is a great entry level gadget monitor which has the potential to be used by the hard core gamers and is equally suited to the official work with its IPS Panel and 99 percent of sRGB giving the needed image quality and the visual clarity for the job. But it doesn’t have a very appealing refresh rate and also lag behind other gaming PCs with its slow response time of 5 milliseconds.

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