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Dryness Of Paws :

The dog paws are prone to dryness due to several features. Winters might reduce the chances of dryness but Summers is dreadful for your dog as it can experience the worst dryness period during this time.

So, how can one protect paws from getting dry and what is the prevention against dryness? The protective layer on paws can help in sealing in the moisture of paws. The paw balm provides an ultimate solution that is so quick and easy to make and can be made around the year.

Paw Balm :

Balms help in providing moisture to the paws and add a protective layer against environmental factors. The balm contains wax and essential oils that coat the paw and protects stepping in puddle or street sludge as it can wipe off easily.

Availability Of Balm :

Now, where can I get a paw balm? Either you can waste bucks on purchasing high-priced and minimal quantity balms from the market or have a look at easy recipes to make chemical-free, highly effective, and cheaper paw balm at home.

Mango Balm :

Mango balm is a better substitute for a balm rather than nut balms that can get stuck in the paws and cause irritation. Shea butter can be used instead of mango as well but cocoa butter isn’t a recommended substitute.

Cocoa is harmful to dogs and that will be the last thing you will need that your dog licks paws and get sick. The ingredients can be heated on the stove or in the microwave to mix well.

Recipe For Dog Paw Balm :

The basic recipe for dog paw balm mainly includes half of the cup beeswax, ¼th cup of mango butter or shea butter, 1/4th cup of coconut oil, and 1/4th cup of olive oil. The procedure includes mixing of materials and heating with 30 seconds intervals to prevent burning. Next, pour the mixture into a container and close it when getting completely cool.

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