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Samsung C27F591 Monitor:

What We Like
  • 27” Curved Display Screen
  • FHD Display Resolution
  • USB C Port
  • AMD Free Sync
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Eye Saver Mode
What We Don't Like
  • Cheap color pellet

Samsung is a world-renowned computer and android unit manufacturing brand that has revolutionized the whole outlook of smartphones and digital devices. Samsung has the crown on its head for launching some of the most astonishing features in its models at a time were there imagination was far from inception and these groundbreaking features and specs were the key elements of the manufacturing firm in this digital world were the key to survival is nothing other than the technological advancement with each passing moment.

Samsung is most famous among the masses for its affordable, to a certain extent price tag and the trendy outlook of its heavy-duty products which are enticing the users from the very first glimpse of its appearance before them.

This model is a 27-inch curved screen having the facility of a 1800R curved body it offers its users a larger screen experience which is not only enhanced than its 25 or 24-inch rivals but is also significantly improved than its 27-inch counterparts without this curvature.


The most notable of its features is its all-purpose use which is an outcome rather than a trait and this outcome is owing to its roots in a number of high-end specs that make the model a great general-purpose tool.

Among these features is its 1920 X 1080 Pixels Full HD display which gives the model the best shot among the kin and this performance beyond expectations is displayed on the screen as a crisp clear display offering an amazing visual clarity which is attracting and focus the viewers before the screen to its enticing display leading towards a thrilling experience before the screen.

To intensify the thrill while before the screen the monitor is also coming with 5-watt dual stereo speakers which are creating a splendid sound base enabling the monitor to be utilized for home entertainment and other purposes of the same nature which demand both audio and visual input and output.

This monitor is also equipped with an AMD FreeSync Technology which is the pioneer of the Free Sync Technologies and all it is concerned to do is to reduce input lag which is caused by the gap between the frame rate of the graphic card and the refresh rate of the PC and this gives the users a superb speed along with the smoother and shutter free display which is the desired thing everyone is paying for.

Eye care technology is another of a significant consideration while buying any monitor screen and this requires one to be aware of the eye care techs prevalent in the market like the Flicker-Free Screen and the Blue light filters both of which add on to give an extended computer usage without causing any significant digital eye strain.


This monitor is a great quality monitor that is offering its users a 27-inch curved body with a power consumption mode and an AMD free sync technology along with an extensive range of eye care techs and onboard speakers.

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