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Scepter is a newly introduced model and is significantly not very popular among the masses as it has not been a long time of its inception in the market but despite this unpopular apprentice.

The brand has greatly established itself among the market with its massive range of models that are nothing short of their rival parties in shape of the business tycoons been known for manufacturing some of the best monitor models at hand.

SCEPTRE e275W-FPT is introducing itself as an economical option for most of the users who want to have something great for their bucks and are not ready to compromise on the features and specs of their potential purchase.

But this budget-friendly appearance doesn’t mean that the scepter models are not very competitive and challenging as the brand has some of the best lineups of many great monitor models which are great for the need you are buying it for.

Features SCEPTRE e275W-FPT Monitor

SCEPTRE e275W-FPT Monitor model is incorporating an IPS panel in it to give the best possible color reproduction capabilities and strength to lead towards a thrilling cinematic experience while before your very own computer screen.

This cinematic view is owned partly due to the FHD display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in addition to the IPS panel.

This is a 27-inch computer screen which is the most common display size at the computer monitor models category as the said size is the best possible option for the optimum experience while not moving out of the predefined budget constraints which hurdles one’s way to the dream product or the bigger screen.

This monitor has a refresh rate of 75 hertz which is slightly higher than the conventional 60 frames per seconds refresh rate and thus gives the enhanced performance with swift gaming pace but as the refresh speed is not the ideal one, if rival models in the market are given weightage, and many great models with 120 hertz or even 144 hertz are frequently available.

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But it should be kept in mind that the higher the rater higher will be the bucks you have to spend over your potential purchase making this under $150 model a good choice for the beginning level gaming allowing you to gain expertise in the model and capabilities of excelling with a high-end device.

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Another of good thing about this model is its on board speakers which is a rare feature with the most common monitors and this gives the monitor an ability to play sound without the need of any external audio device.

As far its connectivity is concerned users can enjoy fast multimedia sharing using the HDMI, VGA and the Display Port as the available connectivity ports on the device. The model also features blue light filters and a flicker free technology to prevent digital eye strain.

What We Like
  • 27 Inch Display Size
  • 75hz. Refresh Rate
  • Built In Speakers
What We Don't Like
  • 5 Milliseconds Slow Response


This 27-inch screen has an IPS panel with FHD resolution and 75-hertz refresh rate and incorporates the flicker-free technology and blue light filters to give the most efficient of eye care to the users enhancing their screen time and making it stress-free by reducing the strain caused by the extended usage making the model a great choice for the users.

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