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Are you a smart TV user who is annoyed by the black screen and is wondering where the sound comes from? Having a black screen with normal audio is a pretty common issue with most latest smart TV screens like those of Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Vizio, Hisense, Insignia, and many other popular TV brands.  

A TV with no Picture but the audio is like a damaged drum that does give the sound but is rotten and not appealing to the audience.

The same is the case with the TV screen going black but the sound still works Samsung and there may be a number of underlying factors that leads to this unwelcomed condition. 

A blank screen is nothing less than a buzzkill that unexpectedly interrupts while watching your favorite show. So, what do you intend to do in this situation? Are you willing to make do with only audio? Or breaking the web for searching the immediate troubleshooting ideas to recover your smart TV display.

LG TV screen goes black but sound still works will be a result of many complex underlying causes, for example, some technical fault, a factory version bug, or due to some minor issue with the internal wiring of your smart TV. 

If you want to fix the Sony TV screen goes black but sound still works you need to quickly find the possible culprit behind this situation and try to eliminate it as soon as possible.

The moment you lay your hands on the problem causing your Hisense TV screen goes black but sound still works, you can recover your TV display with a few simple clicks. In this review article you can find out the causes leading to Insignia TV screen goes black but sound still works as well as the solutions to fix this issue. 

The TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works: Causes

Is your Panasonic TV screen goes black but sound still works? Then pay heed to the given causes that are likely to arise the above-mentioned issue in your smart TV like MI or TCL. 

The most common causes behind the MI TV screen goes black but sound still works are:

  1. Faulty power supply board
  2. Bad or loose connections
  3. Backlight issues
  4. Issues with your TV panel
  5. Issues with your TV capacitor
  6. Enabled sleep timer

These problems can exist individually or in hybrid forms. Either one of these problems can lead to the TCL TV screen goes black but sound still works. If your power supply board has some fault then the screen will go blank but the audio circuit will perform normally. Similarly, loose connections like that of VGA or HDMI can lead to a blank screen due to poor video signal transmission.

A backlight error or some minor issues with the capacitor and TV panel can cause damage to your display leading to a black screen with no picture. There is also the possibility of a sleep timer to be enabled that will automatically shut the screen off causing it to go black once the specified time limit is reached. 

If your TV is encountering any one of the above-mentioned problems there are high chances that your TV screen will go black. In that situation follow our solutions mentioned below to fix your issue. 

TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works: Solutions

TV screen goes black but sound still works Samsung review is specifically dedicated to Samsung smart TV users but you can follow the given steps to fix the TV screen goes black but sound still works issue of Viewsonic, ChanghongRuba, Xiaomi, Sony Xperia, ASUS, LG, Epson, and all other smart TV manufacturing brands.  

1. Resetting:

No matter what problem your smart TV or any other electronic gadget is facing, restoring its factory version is the handiest solution to fix all the undiagnosed issues. You can factory reset your smart TV and see if it makes any difference in your plight or not.

Follow the given instructions to reset your Samsung smart TV:

  • Power OFF your smart TV.
  • Take out a pin or a paper clip. You can also use a sim ejaculation pin if available.
  • Look for a small pinhole possibly on the lower back panel of your Samsung smart TV.
  • After locating the pinhole, insert the paper clip or pin whatever you have.
  • Long press the pin inside the hole for about a minute.
  • Once the pinhole is long pressed with a pointy surface the RESET will be completed and your smart TV will have returned to its default or factory settings. 

After completion of the reset process power on your TV and see if your display appears normal or not.

2. Turn OFF Power-Saving Mode:

If you have accidentally or unknowingly turned off the extreme power saving mode on your smart TV the screen will go black with normal sound. If your Samsung smart TV has power saving option and it has been turned on by you, we recommend you to disable it quickly and let your display resume.

3. Checking The HDMI Cable:

As we have mentioned earlier the causes of bad or loose connections can also lead to the TV screen goes black but the sound still works. Therefore, it is important for you to check your connections, particularly HDMI connections, to see if the HDMI cable is broken or damaged at any part. If you notice any cuts on the cable, immediately replace it with a new one.

Final Words:

TV screen goes black but the sound still works is a typical problem among most smart TV screens including Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, and many more. You can try the above-stated fixes by following our guide to see if your display gets better and resume to your desired content instead of the black screen and the normal audio. 

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