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ViewSonic is a top-rated electronic household appliances manufacturer which has a massive range of many great products that are very well welcomed by the users and critiques alike.

Other than these high end pricey models ViewSonic also take into account the budget constraints of the ordinary low budget users and that’s why it also features a very affordable range of many great entry level gadgets which are very budget friendly and also has a feature laden package that is nothing less than a wonder at $100 range. This is literally a remarkable achievement which the brand has gained by wooing the hearts of every time of users.

ViewSonic ELITE XG270 is a midrange brand that is not entirely known for sky catching highly costly products or not very lowly priced entry-level gadgets, this is because the brand has a prestigious lineup many high-end devices that are reasonably priced ranging as either beyond $1000 or under $1000.

This XG270 is a gaming monitor which is coming at a reasonable and affordable price tag unlike other gaming tycoons which demands good enough of a fortune to be splashed over them that it becomes unaffordable and uneconomical for majority of the users but he problem is solved by this elite gaming PC which has blended the high end feature with a midrange price tag.

Features ViewSonic ELITE XG270 Monitor

A gaming monitor is all about its Refresh Rate and there is no other way out as Refresh speed is the casting voter for a gaming monitor and this ViewSonic ELITE XG270 Monitor highlights the significance of this frame per second rate, the most common.

Refresh Rate available in the market is the conventional 60 hertz which is the lowest rate in the market and many other Rates as 75, 80, 100 and 120 hertz are also frequently prevalent in the market.

But the desire of each hardcore gamer is the highest Refresh Rate possible and this is because of the higher the rate, the better the performance.

For this reason 144 hertz and 180 hertz rates are more popular with the hard core gamers but ViewSonic has step forward in this regard with 240 hertz refresh speed which give the fastest possible speed and thus a quick navigation for the gamers.

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1 milliseconds of response time is what the cherry on top of a 240 hertz refresh rate can prove to be as the combo allows for the fastest possible gaming experience which is literally what you are paying for.

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Its IPS panel though gives the best color reproduction but due to the possible input lag a screen stutter and tearing is common but ViewSonic users don’t have to worry as the device has a G-Sync which reduces the lag and give a tear free screen which is the heart of the gaming computer.

To let the users have a comfortable screen time, this gaming monitor has a fully ergonomic stand which allows for pivoting, tilting, and adjustable height.

What We Like
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 240hz. Refresh Rate
  • G-Sync
  • Blur Bustard
  • Ergonomic Built
What We Don't Like
  • FHD Display


ViewSonic monitor coming at under $400 price tag, with its 1 milliseconds of response time, 240 hertz of refresh rate, IPS Panel, NVIDIA G-SYNC, an elite design, and a reduced blur feature is what the hardcore gamers need to have an ideal gaming computer at hand.

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