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ViewSonic devices are all about color accuracy and visual appeal and that is the reason why one is more likely to end up finding ViewSonic monitors more frequently into the listings of best photo editing monitor or best monitors for graphic art.

The brand is fully aware of their repute among the professional graphic designer and that’s why they have always committed themselves to be of use to them.

This ViewSonic VP2468 Model is no exception to the legacy of the brand and has a remarkable standing among the graphic artists who look up to this device as their starting point though numerous other options are available.

The said tasks the excellence and ease that this model provides is far from the description.

Features ViewSonic VP2468 Monitor

This monitor ViewSonic VP2468 Monitor is a 24-inch monitor screen which is used as a multi-monitor set up for photo editing firms as their trainee partner or as a single unit for an individual graphic artist whose sole concern is with the color accuracy and the crisp clear visuals on the screen which are fully provided to them by this monitor.

This ViewSonic VP2468 professional color accuracy is a result of its unbeatable color gamut which is far ahead of its rivals and is unbeatable at its price tag though numerous competitors are in the field ViewSonic has won them all with its appeal and customer satisfaction.

This color gamut is enriched with its 100 percent sRGB continuum and is strengthened by its Rec. 709 spectrum both of which delivers the excellent color pellet being made up of 16.7 million colors and to display these colors on screen with full vigor and zest, the manufacturers have added in their model an in-plane switching display panel which is highly recommended in the market for its best in town color reproduction skills and capabilities.

This IPS Panel coming with an FHD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels delivers the natural lifelike imagery on the monitor screen which is literally what those graphic artists and photo editors are looking up to.

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This color gamut and the FHD resolution is not all behind its color accuracy as the monitor whose found its way to outshine others and this one includes the addition of a 14-bit lookup table or LUT instead of the regular 8-bit LUT which is also not mandatory but commonly located feature in most of the monitor screen but this 14 bit LUT.

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When combined with factory preset calibration and delta e2 color accuracy provides the users with the ideal type of color accuracy and thus deliver them their ideal performance.

In addition to this visual clarity, the monitor is also containing in it an ergonomic stand to make the time before the screen a bliss instead of the boon.

What We Like
  • FHD resolution
  • 100 % sRGB display and Rec. 709
  • 14 bit LUT color calibration
  • Factory preset color accuracy
  • Ergonomic stand
What We Don't Like
  • 24 inch size


This model is a great monitor for professional graphic artists and photo editors whose sole desire is to have a color-accurate monitor and this monitor fulfills that with its an FHD IPS Display having 14-bit LUT calibration and a 100 percent sRGB color spectrum.

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