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ViewSonic is one of the leading brands in the electronic world and is considered as the most reputed computer manufacturer widely acknowledged for its color accuracy and graphic arts.

Which is literally unrivaled in the market not even by the professional photo editing monitor which are striving hard to stay in the competition.

ViewSonic VP2768 is the toughest competitor of the well-established computer brands and the manufacturer is particularly ruling the color game with its unbeatable color gamut and highly precise picture quality.

Viewsonic has a massive range of high-quality computer monitor screens which are continually wooing the hearts of their users and the critiques alike.

Features ViewSonic VP2768 Monitor

It is a 27-inch screen ViewSonic VP2768 Monitor which is the ideal screen size for a range of scenarios one can imagine and this standard screen size is the best option for its price and performance package and is the most common size prevalent in the market.

Because the users want to enjoy the bigger screen experience which is not possible by 22 or 24-inch screens but due to the tight budget available they can’t get their hands on a bigger screen. To enjoy the best screen experience it has a 4 sided frameless design with an ultra-slim bezel and this way you can have the best of the screen experience without covering it in the frame.

It has a professional 2K WQHD Resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels which are better than the FHD Display though not the best in the market as 4K UHD is the ultimate choice of all the professionals and beginners alike if financial constraints are put aside for a while.

The best shot of the monitor is provided by its color accuracy and this is due to its extremely amazing color gamut. The monitor has an IPS Panel which is the top-rated panel type and has exceptional color reproduction capabilities which lead to natural lifelike imagery on screen.

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Part of this precision is provided by its 100 percent sRGB gamut and in addition to this, it has a Rec. 709 and Delta e2 accuracy as well with its 14-bit LUT factory-calibrated color reproduction and the best color pallet in the market as a smooth pellet of 4.39 trillion colors.

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It has a number of connectivity options which make its media sharing and multimedia connectivity easier and enhanced, as a connectivity option it offers HDMI, Display Port, mini display port, and a USB type C connection which allow you to charge your smartphone device while at the very same time of using your monitor.

All these amazing feature and color accuracy is backed up by the industry standard 3 years warranty and the amazing post-sale service of the brand which is a worthy mention providing the best inline experience.

What We Like
  • 2K UHD Resolution
  • 100% SRGB
  • 14 Bit LUT Color Calibration
What We Don't Like
  • High Price Tag
  • Low Refresh Rate
  • Slow Response Time


If the price is put aside this is a great all-round monitor which has above the belt color accuracy and visual clarity owned by its ultra HD resolution and offers its users 75 hertz of refresh rate and a color gamut of 4.39 trillion colors with 14bit LUT calibration.

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