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Have you ever faced a situation in which your beautifully photographed image looks flat when displayed on your web after some careful editing? For photographers, this is a very common situation. No matter how beautiful the image their camera has captured, after editing or image processing, it loses its charming realistic effect and looks kind of flat.

The main reason for this issue is that photographers think that only having a perfectly good camera is enough. They cough up a lot of money for a good working camera but when it comes to invest in monitors, they become stingy and aim to purchase just any monitor that is cheap. They don’t give equal importance to monitors.

As a result of this dull and cheap purchase, the edited photographs are affected as well. Because the graphics and contrast of such monitors are not so versatile, this ends in producing a product that is dull and boring, lacking the charms of realistic realm. If you want a monitor for photo editing then the best one would be ViewSonic VP3268.

This is the ViewSonic brand product that will definitely help you in producing an epic image brimming with bold and contrast colors, capturing the eyes of many.

ViewSonic VP3268 Monitor:

Dual Action,Hard Floor Corded Electric 0.89 quart. 12.5 pounds 5 years
Hard floorCorded Electric10 quart. 12 pounds 5 years
Vinyl, Ceramic Tile,
Hard Floor, Laminate, Marble
Corded Electric1.5 quart. 23 pounds2 years
Hard floor, Carpet, Dual actionBattery Powered12 quart. 7 pounds3 years
Sealed Hardwood,
Ceramic, Linoleum,
Granite, Marble
Corded Electric0.38 quart. 13.87 pounds2 years

ViewSonic VP3268 Monitor Features:

ViewSonic VP3268 is a perfect monitor that charms its users with its beautiful and chisel looks. Its aesthetics are wonderful which will definitely upgrade the beauty of your room or office. The assembly of this monitor is very easy. Just a few screws and its set up. The built-in stand offered is very adaptable and flexible. It provides you with ultimate comfort with its height, tilt and rotate adjustment features.

The screen of this beast is anti-glare and non-reflective. It is a 32- inch packed with UHD resolution and IPS panel. The panel plays a crucial role in sporting the desired color uniformity and accuracy that photographers mostly desire.

For accurate colors, its factory calibrated to the Delta <2 value. This is an epic monitor that provides you with seamless viewing experience. It provides you with the best display of your content. The six axis color adjustments allow you to calibrate the colors according to your needs which is pretty awesome.  

For the delivery of buttery smooth and realistic images, it offers a 4.39 billion colors palette. To make sure that the colors of the original image match with that of the digital ones, it offers a hardware calibration feature which is marvelous.

Another noticeable feature is the HDR 10 content support that this monitor provides enabling you to view highly sharp, contrast and bright images. This feature is perfect for photographers.

At last, the connection options that this monitor offers includes the HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, display pot and mini display port.

What We Like
  • Great performance
  • Supports HDR10
  • Awesome colors
What We Don't Like
  • There should be more improved uniformity
  • USB 3 port should be more
  • HDMI ports are quite limited

Bottom Line:

ViewSonic VP3268 is an excellent monitor for photographers as it provides marvelous features that help in producing realistic images.

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