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ViewSonic has marked its entry for the second time and this time it has to knock harder on the door to the gaming realm. This monitor is specifically built for hardcore gamers and has a range of well-versed gaming features that are keen to make this model. The best choice of a gamer while staying very well within your budget limit as this cool monitor is only coming at 200 dollar range and this means that you can buy nearly 4 Viewsonic model in a cost of a single LG 34 inch curved monitor. ViewSonic XG2402 model is not an all-rounder like the prior mentioned computer monitors and probably this is the reason for its affordable price tag and this is not a concerning point of a gamer as they are only concerned with the virtual reality and fast-paced performance at which the PC is best at and thus you can have a great gaming computer while staying very well within the budget and not compromising on the features and specifications of the ultimate best monitors. The best thing is that there are not any striking differences in the specifications of the comparing models and thus it is wise to save your bucks from splashing over a device whose features can be obtained in a very cost-effective device.

Features ViewSonic XG2402 Monitor

ViewSonic XG2402 Monitor 144 hertz is the most desired refresh rate of the gaming screen and this is the deciding feature that measures the worth of any gaming device ranking it as useless or useful. ViewSonic XG2402 is because gamers are supposed to quickly shift from one screen to other as they have to swiftly navigate from. One spot to other as in racing games and GTA and this quick navigation is complemented by the quicker refresh rate which swiftly shifts between the frames. The users can experience fast gaming without any input lag at which this ViewSonic Model is best at. Another noteworthy consideration of the gamers is the response time of the device they are going to use as the response time measures the rate of output generated for the command depicting quick precision.
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This is the opposite trend to refresh speed as higher the time taken slower will be the response, so a gaming monitor has a time range of 1 to 2 milliseconds as the desired response time and this model is optimum with 1 millisecond of it.
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Gaming is incomplete without protective glasses and this is because gaming is screen bounding and addict you to the screen conserving your great time into the virtual world. To prevent your eyes from the strain protection is a must which is provided by these glasses but this monitor cut short on the necessity as it has onboard eye care techs like blue light filter and flicker-free technology which reduces the blue light emission from the screen and the screen flicker thereby reducing the eye strain to the maximum.
What We Like
  • 144 Refresh Rate
  • Eye Care Techs
  • Ergonomic Stand
  • Export Mode
  • free Sync
What We Don't Like
  • FHD Display


This ViewSonic model is the best choice for a budget-friendly hardcore gaming option with its 1 milliseconds response time, 144hz. refresh rate and various connectivity options that allow multimedia sharing and a lot more.

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