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Vizio Soundbar is not a standalone device and you have to make a connection with some other media source such as smart TV, laptop, multimedia, etc. This media source will allow you to play the media audio through the soundbar speakers so that you can enjoy the Dolby Digital Audio and have a cinematic feel at home.

Not everyone can afford Dolby Atmos surround sound system and enjoy the Cinema like experience at home. But if you want to have a nearly similar experience well worth the cost then you can try pairing a high definition Samsung smart TV with the Vizio Soundbar.

Coupling these two devices will allow you to make the best of your time and money by enjoying the media through an HD screen and the audio through the Vizio Soundbar.

Isn’t it enticing enough for you?

If you are into this couple then you must have used either an HDMI cable or optic fiber for mediating the connection between Vizio Soundbar and Samsung smart TV. HDMI cable connection is the best method to date, yet it is not free of faults. One can experience many ups and downs in this HDMI-mediated wired connection.

There are many reports of malfunctioning HDMI cable connections and most of the users have reported that HDMI ARC suddenly stopped working without any obvious reasons.

If you are one of those users whose HDMI arc has suddenly stopped working then read out our article through the end and get to know what to do when the Vizio Soundbar HDMI arc has stopped working.

4 Reasons Of Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working

Below given are some of the finest solutions to solving the HDMI cable connection problems with the Vizio Soundbar.

  1. Disconnecting all HDMI devices
  2. Updating the Soundbar
  3. Soundbar resetting
  4. Trying right HDMI port

1. Disconnecting All HDMI Devices:

If your HDMI ARC connected with the soundbar and Samsung TV is not working there are high chances that HDMI interferences from other HDMI connected devices might be occurring. Try disconnecting all other HDMI-connected devices except for the Vizio Soundbar. Disconnecting other devices mostly helps if the problem was caused by the connected devices and the Soundbar connection was flawless.

2. Updating The Soundbar:

If disconnecting HDMI devices doesn’t help then you can try out updating the Soundbar connection. This is done in place of the problems caused by the soundbar connection and not any other HDMI device like multimedia or display screen. To troubleshoot this type of error you have to update both the Vizio Soundbar and the Samsung smart TV to the latest of their software.

This can help your Soundbar connection to start working again if the problem was caused by outdated software. You must be curious about the diagnosis of the problem causing connection fault. You don’t have to find the problem first as updating to the latest software is a necessity most of the time.

Outdated software poses serious threats to the latest versions of applications and therefore it is better to update both of your devices to the latest software launched by the respective franchises.

3. Soundbar Resetting:

Vizio Soundbar HDMI ARC not working? Why not go for the reset? Resetting is the universal troubleshoot step that is a mandatory part of any troubleshooting manual. No matter if the problem lies with smart tv, smartphone, android watch, internet routers, digital clocks, or another digital media device resetting is the best buck to save yourself from the repair shop visit.

The same goes for the Soundbar and Smart TV connection. If your Vizio Soundbar has suddenly stopped working, you better run a reset process to let the factory settings do the magic. Try resetting both the Soundbar and Samsung TV. After the reset completion, connect the two devices using the HDMI arc. This step will most likely solve any undiagnosed issue with the HDMI connectivity and your Vizio Soundbar will most likely start working again

4. Trying Right HDMI Port:

If your Vizio Soundbar features more than one HDMI arc, there is the possibility that you might have plugged the HDMI cable into a port that doesn’t support ARC. Locate the right HDMI arc port and plug the HDMI cable into it. Ensure that the HDMI cable used for connection is right in shape and properly working. If not, try replacing the cable and making the connection with the latest HDMI Cable.

Note: This method will be working on other TV sets as well like Sony, Apple, Insignia, Toshiba, TCL Roku, Hisense.


Many unknown causes can stop working the Vizio Soundbar. Try out our solutions and see if that helps or not. You can choose from the alternate options available to select the one that matches your hardware requirements and needs.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions help, you should try replacing the HDMI cable and then make the connection with the new cable by properly inserting it into the right HDMI ARC of the soundbar and Samsung smart TV.

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