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Vizio soundbars have become a premium commodity that is used by millions of customers across the globe. Although Vizio soundbars are much hyped in the market and feature some of the high-tech specs, there are plenty of issues that keep arising with their performance.

One of the most critical issues with the Vizio soundbar is its audio issues. Apart from the issues with sound quality, numerous other problems can distort the performance and leave you in awe.

If you are facing a similar dilemma, then you must be looking for some clear-cut solutions to help you sort out your decision-making about what to do with your Vizio soundbar. Although your soundbar audio keeps cutting out, it doesn’t mean that the Vizio soundbar has some issues with the hardware or is not worthy of your fortune.

Most of the time the problems with cutting out in the Vizio soundbar are related to the audio settings. Generally, the customers facing similar situations claim that their soundbar audio cut out every few seconds 3 to 4 times.

Sometimes the issue is prolonged and audio is cut out about 10 or 20 times which is not at all acceptable by any of the users here.

Suppose that you are listening to your favorite podcast and the audio skip after every 5 seconds and then the podcast plays after 5 seconds. This is such a horrible dilemma and you must be desperate to have it solved.

To help you do so we have come up with this exclusive review on the Vizio soundbar that keeps cutting out. Read it out through the end and save your bucks from getting a hardware repair for your Vizio Sound Bar.

Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out Solved

To solve any unknown issue with your soundbar or smart TV, you must have to know the factors underneath that issue. If you can diagnose the underlying causes for the prevailing issue, consider yourself halfway through fixing the issue.

So, what to do for finding out the culprit behind the audio cutouts of the Vizio Sound Bar? Below given are some of the best-tried solutions with the underlying causes that can keep your Vizio soundbar at bay. Go through them one by one to understand what can be causing your issue.

Common Causes Of Audio Cutting With Vizio Sound Bar

The most widely reported problem with the Vizio soundbar that can lead to audio blackouts is overheating. When your soundbar becomes old or faces some defect, the internal circuits of the device start producing more heat, or the cooling system doesn’t work properly leading to extra heat within the system.

This extra heat is detrimental to the system and can cause your system to hibernate for a while to prevent any serious damage to the circuit like blowing it off permanently.

If you feel like overheating is most properly causing your Vizio soundbar to blackout audio you can confirm it by a few simple steps mentioned below.

  • Turn off your Vizio soundbar
  • Let it cool down for a while, precisely for about an hour.
  • Turn it on again
  • This time your audio will be played smoothly for a while and then start cutting out again when enough heat has been produced by the system.
Note: The time taken by the soundbar to start cutting out again depends upon the amount of heat generated by your system or the severity of the defect with the device.

Identifying Overheating Problem:

If you are in pursuit of some solid evidence that can clear your doubts about overheating then your amplifier can be the detective for you. When enough overheating has been detected by the amplifier it will shut down the whole circuit to prevent the motherboard from being damaged.

The problem with the amplifier will be indicated by the LED indicators that will blink in a different tone than the usual glow of the powered-on Vizio soundbar.

A solution to Overheating:

Overheating is most commonly associated with the accumulation of dirt and debris inside the circuits. The best way to solve this problem is by cleaning the circuit thoroughly. The soundbar circuits are thoroughly cleaned like any other digital circuit using the jet of compressed air sprayed over the internal compartments of the device.

If the jet spray doesn’t solve the overheating problem then you can proceed with the thorough cleaning process that requires you to open up the circuit and get it cleaned by a technician.

If you don’t want to start with the cleaning step then you can try one of the following methods to see if that works for you or not. After you have confirmed that overheating is not the culprit behind your audio cutting out, issue you must try these methods of solving the problem with the Vizio soundbar.

  • Restart and Restore
  • Fixing the Source Device Issues

Let’s dive into the explanation now.

Restart and Restore:

Restart and restore is the universal step that everyone has to follow once in a while for their smart gadgets. For instance, you must have tried restarting your smartphone to avoid hanging and lagging issues with the device. Similarly, you can restart and restore your Vizio soundbar to solve any undiagnosed issues.

Fixing the Source Device Issues:

If your Vizio soundbar keeps cutting out audio even after the restart and restore, you must try changing the media device to see if there are some issues with the media transfer of interferences in between the two connected devices. Unpair the Vizio soundbar from your source device and connect it with some other source device like a smartphone or laptop. See if the problem persists even after switching the media source device.

Final words:

Vizio soundbar can lead to audio cutting in between the sounds and these problems usually persists in old and defective products. If your soundbar is one of those device facing the same issue you can get it thoroughly cleaned and see if it persist. You can also check out the customer care support of Vizio and report your issue to have their technical assistance.

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