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Vizio soundbar is the much-hyped external audio device that is frequently if not always paired with smart TV screens, home theater setups, and large stereos to create a cinematic sound system. Although the Vizio soundbar is considered one of the premium and high-tech external sound devices, there are plenty of sore points that can make your experience with the Vizio soundbar annoying.

This is mainly because of the extensive range of customizable sound settings that allows users full control over the sound quality, intensity, bass, frequency, and so on. But with blessings comes trials and so is the case with this vast range of customization settings provided by Vizio soundbar manufacturers.

Most of the time, Vizio soundbar users press on the wrong controls and create serious trouble with their devices. For instance, there are several reported cases where users have accidentally reset their Vizio soundbar or got it stuck with no audio mainly because of not knowing how to tune the Vizio soundbar.

If you are one of those unlucky users whose Vizio soundbar settings went wrong, then you must have encountered plenty of issues including no audio or LED lights flashing up and down.

Although no sound situation can be quickly tackled by resetting your device or updating the software, the LED light flashes are typically ignored until the situation prevails to a devastating condition. When the LED lights on Vizio keep flashing up and down for a while, the soundbar will stop working, and then comes the real trouble.

Since the soundbar is not working any longer, the users get confused to know what the problem with the device is. If you are not certain whether the Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down, is because of the hardware problem or the software glitches then troubleshoot it to see if that helps.

To know how to fix this issue with some simple troubleshooting steps, have a rundown of our extensive review where you can find out the solutions to all of your technical problems with the Vizio soundbar.

So, without any further ado, let us quickly move forward with the much-awaited process of fixing the Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down.

Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down

Before you get started, you should know that Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down is most typically because of some underlying software issue and there is probably no hardware issue. Therefore, fixing the software glitches can most commonly resolve the issue.

The most common reason behind the Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down is the wrong settings. There are high chances that you have messed with your customization settings for Vizio soundbar and created the trouble. But keep in mind that this is not necessarily the only cause behind the LED light flashing of the Vizio soundbar.

So, the very first thing that you should try working out is to power off your Vizio soundbar and then turn it on again. In most cases, this simple step fixes the light flashing of the Vizio soundbar. If this doesn’t resolve your issue with the Vizio soundbar then there are high chances that the problem is not as simple to go away with simple power cutting and switching it on again.

In that case, you should try the following methods (one at a time) to see if any of them works for you or not.

Method 1

If powering ON and OFF your Vizio soundbar doesn’t improve the light flashing then your should try to recall the last settings that you have just made before the flashing begins. Try to undo those settings and your Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down will most typically go down permanently.

If you can recall the sound settings that you have just made then you should look for another way to undo them.

Method 2

The universal step to fix all the sound setting problems is to restore your settings to their factory version. Returning the default settings will remove the faulty controls that you have entered and your Vizio soundbar will start functioning normally again.

How To Reset Your Vizio Soundbar?

Resetting the Vizio soundbar is as easy a task as eating a pie and therefore you shouldn’t really be concerned about resetting it. The only thing that you should know before resetting your Vizio soundbar to the factory version is that all of your manually customized settings will be erased.

For instance, the optimum sound frequency, bass level, and the ideal settings that you have input in your device will all be erased and restored to the default settings that the manufacturers deemed best for the optimum performance of the Vizio soundbar.

The hard reset of the Vizio soundbar can be performed in plenty of ways and all the methods of resetting involve pressing a combination of two or more control buttons on your Vizio soundbar remote controller.

Note. If your Vizio soundbar remote controller is not working you can read our review on How to reset your Vizio soundbar without a Remote.

  • The combination of two words is selected according to your preference since 3 or 4 combinations can easily work for you.
  • Such as pressing Bluetooth and Input button for 5 seconds can hard reset your Vizio soundbar.
  • Similarly, pressing and holding the Bluetooth Down button for 5 to 6 seconds can restore the default settings of your Vizio soundbar.
  • If your Volume down button is not functioning then you can try the combination of Volume UP and Bluetooth buttons to hard reset your Vizio soundbar.

Final Words:

Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down can be due to plenty of factors all involving some software issue with the product and can, therefore, be easily resolved. You can try to power off and on again the Vizio soundbar to see the improvement in functioning.

Or you can undo the settings that you have recently made before the flashing begins. If nothing helps you out then the final attack can be made by resetting your device which will likely fix all the undiagnosed issues with your device

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