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Dog Paws :

Dog paws act as a built-in sneaker that provides them natural cushioning and traction to walk across all types of terrain and surfaces quickly while absorbing pressure that eliminates sudden impacts on joints and protects them. Being hard-wearing yet comes inevitable causes for paws to become cracked or injured at least at some point in a dog’s life.

Cracking Of Paws :

Cracking of the paws mainly starts due to dryness. If you sense or see any abnormal dryness and discoloration in a pet’s paws, it is time to give them special attention so that you would be able to judge any more damage and can seek medical help. The sure sign for cracked paws is dog limping and licking of paws.

Causes Of Cracked Dog Paws :

The cause of cracked paws is listed for several reasons mostly due to the environment and activities of pets. But the cause might happen or take place due to internal factors and problems.

The reasons can be contact irritation that happens mostly due to clean floors that led to dryness of paws. This problem can then be resolved with the use of dog-safe products while house cleaning.

Injury in the paws won’t be a significant reason itself but when the dog will step on debris, got frostbitten from cold, or walk on very hot pavement can extend the injury to cracking of paws.

Allergies that are majorly caused due to food usually manifest the suffering of a dog’s pet.

The systemic issues can be the reason for cracked paws as well.

Hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease, and endocrine-related issues chronically lead to cracked paws.

Prevention Measures :

The prevention treatments that can help in minimizing the risk of getting the paws cracked involve eating nutritious food that fulfills the daily nutritional requirements. avoid using harsh chemicals like chlorine and formaldehyde for home cleaning as it can dry out the paws.

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