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Motherboards provide the central and essential mechanism to provide steady performance and speed for CPUs. The CPUs are now designed for each specific purpose that can categorize the motherboards according to specific performance. The Best B460 Motherboards is compatible with existing processors and provides reliable performance.

Things To Consider Before Buying:

The important factors that must not be neglected or underestimate in the consideration while deciding on purchase include:

Ram Memory Size: The RAM size includes various measures like that of DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5. Various sizes are then compatible with various models and sets of motherboards. The best kind of memory size that is suitable with B460 motherboards is DDR4.

Chipset: The chipset determines the kind of motherboard and its compatibility with processors. The B460 chipset usually offers its readiness and compatibility with 10th generation Intel Core processors.

Processor Socket: The processor socket determines and provides the processor’s access to the motherboard. The LGA 1200 is usually the processor socket that provides convenient access between processors and motherboard’s performance.

My Top Pick:

ASUS ROG Strix B460-H is one of the best B460 motherboards as it is rated the best seller among its competition. The unit is capable of providing smooth and fast performance with reliable temperature stability majorly due to the comprehensive cooling mechanism.

Best B460 Motherboards

It is designed for faster data rate transfer and extended connectivity. The motherboard provides longer performance due to the enhanced power solutions installed.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick


RAM Size: DDR4

Chipset: Intel B460

Memory Speed:2933 MHz

Processor Socket: LGA 1200

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RAM Size: DDR4

Chipset: Intel B460

Memory Speed:2933 MHz

Processor Socket: LGA 1200

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RAM Size: DDR4

Chipset: B460 PRO4

Memory Speed:2933 MHz

Socket AM2+

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RAM Size: DDR4

Chipset: Intel B460

Memory Speed:2666 MHz

Processor Socket: LGA 1200

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RAM Size: DDR4

Chipset: Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium

Memory Speed:2933 MHz

Processor Socket: LGA 1200

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Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products!

1.) ASUS ROG Strix B460-H: (Top Seller)

ASUS ROG Strix B460-H is a speedy motherboard with the processor socket of LGA 1200 which allows its compatibility with 10th generation Core processors. To access the most out of the motherboard, the comprehensive cooling system stabilizes the optimal temperature for smooth and reliable performance.

Furthermore, it provides a secure working experience along with high-quality data transfer and support. The incredible power support is upgraded for longer usage along with extended connectivity options. The unmatched personalization is what adds to its durability.


ASUS ROG Strix B460-H is integrated with the Intel LGA 1200 socket that provides the incredible performance of Intel core processors of the 10th generation. It then provides you the ultimate quality working durability. The thermal design is optimized with the installation of Fan Xpert 4 utility, PCH fan-less heatsink, M. 2 heatsink, VRM heatsink, and hybrid fan headers to offer a stable temperature.

The amazing audio quality design includes Sonic Studio III, SupremeFX S1220A codec and DTS Sound Unbound indulge in a deeper gaming experience with real effects sound system. The gaming network that is offered by the B460 motherboard provides ultimate high performance as it includes an onboard Intel Lan of 1GB along with an ASUS LAN Guard.

The high unmatched personalization provides red on black gaming look with Sync RGB lightning with RGB headers and addressable Gen 2 headers. The power solution is equipped with a ProCool power connector, alloy chokes, and capacitors with ultra-durability for an incredible and powerful performance of the CPU. The connectivity options include HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.4 output with dual M.2 Thunderbolt 3 headers.

What We Like
  • Successfully debug LEDs
  • Real-time I/O cover
  • Convenient overclocking
What We Don't Like
  • No WIFI in-built
  • No heatsink on the M.2 slots
  • More power consumption


ASUS ROG Strix B460-H is designed in the name of reliability and high performance that enables your CPU to features the best and reliable working.

2.) ASUS Prime B460-PLUS: (Upgraded Security)

ASUS Prime B460-PLUSASUS Prime B460-PLUS provides fast data transfer and reliable performance due to the processor socket of LGA 1200 that provides 10th generation Intel processors compatibility.

The reliable speed and size of the RAM allow a smooth working experience with the premium thermal stability system. The upgraded security level ranks it for the best B469 motherboards and its stand-alone feature.

The memory boost provides enhances performance with stable temperature conditions. The durable RGB system with synchronized LED effects and brilliant power solution gathers up and increases the reliability and performance of the B460 motherboard.


ASUS Prime B460-PLUS LGA is designed to unleash the ultimate performance. The unit is equipped with the Intel LGA 1200 Socket that provides the compatibility of Intel Core processors of the 10th generation. The RAM size for this motherboard is DDR4 with a speed of 2933 MHz for reliable performance.

The cooling system is comprehensive enough to optimize the temperature at its stable condition of working. The cooling mechanism includes Fan Xpert 2 utility, hybrid fan headers, PCH heatsink, and VRM heatsink. The impressive security and five times protection than that of competitors are done with LANGuard, DRAM overcurrent protection for keeping the stability connectivity of current and overvoltage protection.

The SafeSlot Core adds up to the security with steel back I/O. The Boost Memory Performance is achieved with ASUS OptiMem proprietary trace that lowers the frequencies rates for enhanced performance. The RGB headers are gear through synchronized LED effects. The enhanced power solution is equipped with a ProCool connector, 8 DrMOS power stages, capacitors, and alloy chokes.

What We Like
  • Abundant SATA connections
  • Elegant details
  • Strong PCIe slots installation
  • Lots of fan headers
What We Don't Like
  • Ordinary Realtek sound chip
  • Audio tearing and shattering


ASUS Prime B460-PLUS offers secures performance and cooling system for reliable and smooth experience on account of users.

3.) ASROCK B460 PRO4: (Best Audio Quality)

ASROCK B460 PRO4ASROCK B460 PRO4 is designed with an integrated processor socket of Socket 1200 which offers the readiness of the motherboard with 10th Gen processors. The reliable speed size and memory performance is another attractive feature for the motherboard to offer. Its unique 9 power phase design boosts the effective memory mechanism by providing a full and reliable gaming experience.

The spike protection includes the protection and stability of current, voltage, and any unexpected fluctuations. The best audio quality experience is promised with the ASROCK Pro4 motherboard. The Polychrome RGB Sync allows the convenient synchronization of the attached devices for smooth performance.


ASROCK B460 PRO4 possesses Socket 1200 with the performance capability of 10th generation Intel Core processors. The RAM size of DDR4 with a memory speed of 2933MHz allows incredible reliability upon its performance. The 9 Power Phase Design provides sturdy and reliable performance with lowering the temperature for a durable gaming experience and smooth power delivery for the CPU.

The B460 unit is installed with ASRock Full Spike Protection that protects the unit from any sort of damage caused by unexpected voltage. The quality listening experience can be achieved with Nahimic Audio as it offers vibrant details and quality sound. ASRock BFB (Boost Frequency Boost)

Technology allows the base frequency stability as it offers easy installation of non-K series of CPUs. The Polychrome RGB Sync allows easy synchronization of devices that can include LED strips, coolers, and CPU fans with smooth performance assured. The input connectors include two PCIe 3. 0 x16, one M. 2 (Key E) for WIFI connectivity, and two PCIe 3. 0 x1.

What We Like
  • Excellent overclocking
  • 3 graphic outputs
  • Two slots of M.2
  • 2 RGB headers with 1 addressable header
What We Don't Like
  • 4 SATA ports may limit future expansion


ASROCK B460 PRO4 is built for reliable and strong performance outlay that allows you to enjoy fast processing of CPUs and enjoy the smooth working performance.

4.) ASUS TUF Gaming B460-PRO: (Cooling Stability)

ASUS TUF Gaming B460-PROASUS TUF Gaming B460-PRO is built on the specifications for a smooth gaming experience with the compatibility of 10th Core processors. The advance and comprehensive cooling mechanism lower the temperature to allows you access to online gaming sessions.

The minimal noise distortion ratio with quality audio performance. The RGB synchronization provides various LED effects with addressable headers. The enhanced power solution provides reliable performance for a longer period of time.


ASUS TUF Gaming B460-PRO is designed to promise the ultimate gaming experience with smooth performance. The Intel LGA 1200 socket that is built for the readiness of 10th Generation Intel Core processors allows the best and incredible speed for CPUs.

The unit is specifically built to accommodate games of various modes and hence the motherboard includes Turbo LAN technology, TUF LANGuard, Intel WIFI 6 802. 11ax, and Intel 1GB Lan. The comprehensive cooling system includes a PCH heatsink, VRM heatsink, and M. 2 heatsink for acquiring stable temperature conditions.

The motherboard includes an Extraordinary 108 decibel level of signal-to-noise ratio for line out stereo, 103 dB SNR for the line in stereo with original, amazing audio quality due to Realtek S1200A codec. The Sync RGB lightning provides synchronized LED effects with addressable gen 2 RGB header.

The power solution is enhanced with a comprehensive set of components that include Digi+ VRM, military-grade TUF components, and 8 power stages.

What We Like
  • Precise RGB lightning
  • Excellent overclocking
  • Decent appearance
  • Lightweight
  • Solid performance with games
What We Don't Like
  • Average battery life
  • No USB-C card reader
  • Loud fans mechanism


ASUS TUF Gaming B460-PRO provides you the best and fast gaming experience with high performance and temperature stability.

5.) MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk: (Incredible Connectivity)

MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk

MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk offers compatibility with Pentium Celeron and 10th generation processors. The comprehensive cooling system is designed to stabilize the temperature of the motherboard and offers you prolong usage without any worries.

The extended thermal protection further adds to secure performance. The network technology offers the best gaming experience with low lag and incredible memory size and speed. The high data transfer rate is attained with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 that provides four times greater speed than the standard size.


MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk is designed to support Pentium Celeron and 10th Gen Intel Core processors with the help of an LGA 1200 socket. The thermal solution for the motherboard includes Extended Heatsink Design, M. 2 Shield Frozr, and Twin Turbo M.2 for longer and smoother performances.

The network solution technology allows the latest mechanism with Wi-Fi 6 solution and on-board 2. 5G LAN plus Gigabit LAN for the best online non-lagging experience. You can opt for latency-sensitive applications without any limitations.

The motherboard is ranked for the best B460 motherboards as it supports the RAM memory size of DDR4 and speeds up to 2933 MHz compatibility. It is powered by media 3241 with USB 3.2 Gen2x2 controller for experiencing the speed of 20 GB/s, which is four times faster over USB 3.2 Gen 1.

What We Like
  • Six fan headers
  • Elegant and decent VRM
  • Affordable price range
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t include Secondary M.2
  • RGB headers aren’t controllable independently


MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk provides a steady connection with fast data transfer and fast speed performance with enhanced power solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will B460 Motherboards Support Ryzen 4000?

B460 supports Ryzen 4000 chips except for the PCIe 4.0 SSDs. Initially, these motherboards support Ryzen 1000. Ryzen 2000 and Ryzen 3000.

Why Are X460 Motherboards So Expensive?

The x460 motherboards are designed upon the latest and unique technology that requires expensive manufacturing and tools and in return increases overall pricing of the motherboards.

 Should I Wait For B550 Motherboards?

When you are in the need of upgraded processors, it is worth a wait for B550, else B460 is fairly compatible with existing processors.

What Brand Of Motherboard Is Most Reliable?

The ASUS and ASROCK are the brands that provide most of the reliability in terms of motherboards manufacturing.

Buying Guide

The buying guide of B460 motherboards includes the important points and factors that are requires to look into the device before making a purchase.


The connectivity options available with the motherboard allow it extended connections with several other devices and CPUs. For gaming purposes, motherboards are often connected to gaming devices and that can be done with the availability of various ports for connections. Ports also help in data transfer and further input connectivity.

Cooling Mechanism:

The cooling system must be comprehensive to extend the time period and performance of the motherboard. Components such as Fan Xpert 2 utility, Hybrid fan headers, M. 2 heatsink, and VRM heatsink built up a complete thermal protection system for the motherboard and sustain the optimal temperature for reliable and smooth performance.

Audio Quality:

The audio quality is important to check and consider within a motherboard. It then allows you to have a reliable listening experience with soundtracks and an adjustable base for action games thrilling experience as well.


The speed of the motherboard is determined by the RAM speed and size. It is advisable to look for fast and high rate speed that allows you high performance and faster rate of data transfer in no time.

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