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Car stereo speakers are undeniably the most commonly used audio devices that have become the part and parcel of modern life. No matter if you are driving your routine way home from the office or going out for a long drive or a recreational trip, car speakers are your go-to device.

Having great stereo speakers in the car is a necessity for most car owners and it is a very handy task as you can own some of the finest audio devices supportive of car installation within a few bucks.

Only a few bucks are needed to let you enjoy crisp clear music through the car stereos.

If you are unsatisfied with the audio quality of your car speakers or if the stereo speakers are giving out dull and sloppy sound then you might be looking for their replacement.

Before heading for the purchase you first need to know that even the best quality stereos will not deliver the crisp clear sound until they are properly tuned.

So, to get the best out of your bucks you need to tune your car audio bass to have the best equalizer settings. Only in this way you can achieve the desired sound quality without spending any extra penny.

Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass, Mid and Treble

The two most critical settings for the Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass, Mid and Treble are:

  • Sound positioning settings
  • Bass and treble settings ( Audio Equalizer settings)

How to tune car stereo for Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass, Mid and Treble

Given below are the steps that you have to follow for equalizing your car stereo speakers

  1. Play Music

  2. Balance settings for both speakers

  3. Play music at different frequencies

  4. Tune bass

Step 1:

The very first step for tuning is to let your speakers play some music. This can be done by turning on the car stereo and playing music either through external media or the saved music in-car media storage. It will be better to play music that has different frequencies of low and high-pitched sounds. In this way equalization process will be better understood and tunning will be appropriate.

Step 2:

Once the speakers start playing media set your sound balance settings at the same points for both speakers. Car stereo speakers have a built-in fading feature. For smooth equalization manipulate the fade control in a way that all sound is coming through the front speakers.

Step 3:

Keep listening to music and if you don’t like the sound quality try changing bass, mid, and Treble values. Keep changing and listening until you have reached the desired frequency level.

It must be kept in mind that there is no cut point for bass mid and Treble and different people will like the sound of different frequencies.

Step 4:

Although you have tuned your mid and Treble, bass can prove to be a little tricky for equalization. Change the bass again and again at low frequencies to get the best sound quality according to your taste in music.


Before starting the equalization process it is mandatory to stop your car and park in a specified lane. Noticeably this step has nothing to do with tunning sound settings and more is for ensuring the safety of drivers and passersby.

If you start the tuning process while driving the car it may break your focus and can lead to accidents.

Car Stereo Sound Settings:

There are particular moments when the sound through the car stereos may sound like the BLAH even though the speakers are brand new and premium products. If you are looking for ways to convert this BLAH sound into crisp clear AMAZING sound then you have to look for the ways to ensure the Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass, Mid, and Treble.

Car stereo sound settings will allow you to travel this distance between the BLAH and AMAZING sound quality. For tuning the best equalizer settings you need to be aware of the equalization process in music as well as the bands of sound.

Equalization and varying bands will give out a varying sound that will not only differ in the frequencies but also in the quality and intensity of the sound/music.

Thus we will first brief you about the science of

  • Equalization in music
  • Bands of sound

Equalization In Music:

Equalization is a process to achieve the desired sound frequency by changing the frequencies of the sound coming out of the speakers. The range of frequencies audible by the human ears is 20 Hz. To 20KHz. Each of these different frequencies has different sound quality and is liked by different people.

Equalization helps in matching the frequency with the taste of the listener. If the listener prefers low-frequency sound he or she can tune the equalization settings to the low sound band and thus enjoy Low-frequency sound.

Bands Of Sound:

There are three most common bands of sound that differ in frequencies of sound coming through the stereos.

These three bands are:

  1. Bass 
  2. Mid
  3. Treble

Bass is the lowest frequency band whose value ranges between the two extremes of 16 Hz. To 256 Hz.

As obvious by its name, Mid is the intermediate sound band and lies between the low bass frequency and high Treble frequency. Its value ranges between 400 Hz. And 2500 Hz.

Treble is the next sound band that is characterized by the optimum sound level audible to the human ear. This means that the highest frequency audible to the human lies in this Treble band. The highest frequency has a value of 20 kHz.

Final words!

Although a great-sounding car stereo is crucial for a fun-to-drive car, it is not a minute task that can be done with mere a single grasp of the speaker knob. You have to know about the equalizer sound settings to tune them at the best sounding levels.

You can play with Bass, Mid, and Treble to change low and high frequencies of sound until your desired sound frequency is achieved.

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