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Fountain pens are necessary for many modes of life when it comes to academic, and professional phases. Quality pens can be used in offices, in schools, and as a gift to offer beloved ones on almost every occasion. Fountain pens have ranged differently in the budget for buyers with stretched and limited budgets.

The Best Fountain Pen Under 200 And 300 dollars promises remarkable features and an exceptional luxurious writing experience. Fountain pens can be obtained in various ranges of price and value which provides pleasure and smooth writing. The writers and artists have a special interest and hold over luxury pens for a better and smooth inscription experience.

Best Fountain Pen Under 200 And 300

Whether its office or home, school, or college, everyday endeavors required general writing on a daily basis. The pens are used for special purposes as by writers or when it comes to speedy writing.

Model Material Drill Point Color Price
Lamy 2000
Poly Carbonate Makralon Extra Fine Black Check Price
Pilot Metal Medium Red/Rhodium Check Price
Waterman Carène Deluxe Metal Fine Deluxe Black Check Price
Pelikan Souveran M600 Metal Medium Green Check Price

Best Fountain Pen Under 200

Best fountain pens have fin nib and durable body design which helps in improving the handwriting and speed of the writers. Lamy 2000 and pilot 60244 are top-rated fountain pen as the best fountain pen under 200 dollars. Both models have reliable and remarkable performance.

Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Lamy 2000:

Lamy 2000

Lamy 2000 is one of the old designed yet remarkable pens which holds vintage touch. The advocates for this pen involve author Neil Gaiman describing this model of the pen as “Novel writing pen” due to its finishing and smooth writing ability.

The permanent display of Lamy 2000 is made at the Museum of Modern Art and has won numerous design awards.


Lamy 2000 fountain pen is comprehended in 1966 and unchanged since then. The fiberglass body keeps the weight evenly distributed and provides embellished sleek design and brushed texture made it impossible to see the joins.

The material type is Polycarbonate Makrolon. The pen is mounted with 14k god nib and comprises of piston filling system which can only be used with ink bottles.

The drill pint is extra fine with a platinum coat. The cap type is a snap cap. The item weighs 0.882 ounces which makes easy grip and handling. The color gray and black is offered in this model. The pen offered 2 years international warranty.

2.) Pilot 60244:

Pilot 60244

The pilot is known for its exceptional fine fountain pens which are crafted and designed with care and marking expectations of users. Pilot 60244 is one of the unmatched superior value pens with a ranking of first retractable technology.

The easy refilling and interchangeable nibs for various sizes mark its versatile use. The pen usage extends in offices, schools, aa a great gift to offer, and more.


Pilot 60244 is a fine quality retractable pen with rhodium-plated 18k gold nib which retracts in pen barrel when not used keeping the nib safe from damaging.

Pilot 60244 fountain pen is boxed with 1 pre-filled blue ink cartridge and 1 twist piston CNT40 converter which helps in the easy filling.

Pre-crafted in 1963, the internal mechanism and crafted barrel allows the nib to get retract in when not used. The interchangeable nibs help in switching for colors of the ink making it versatile in use.

The pen’s durable metal body and stylish easy holding of pen improving handwriting of the writer. The pen weighs 4.2 ounces making is light-weight and easy to handle.

The pen is ranged best fountain pen under 200 dollars with premium quality and stylish design to offer.

Best Fountain Pen Under 300

Foundation pens for passionate artists and people having luxury taste are carved with gold and rhodium for a sleek look and premium smooth writing. Foundation pens rank differently when it comes to the price levels, quality, various engraved nibs, and warranty.

Waterman Carène Deluxe and Pelikan Souveran M600 are ranked as best foundation pen under 300 dollars with exceptional quality and promising designs. The budget-friendly fountain pen with attractive features and specifications are explained below:

3.) Waterman Carène Deluxe:

Waterman Carène Deluxe

Premium quality Waterman Carène Deluxe consists of vanishing boat design and crafted with noble design and material. The pen is specially crafted in France for the ultimate luxury writing experience.

The pen comes with a dark blue gift box with a converter which is ideal for precious occasions. The pen comes with 2 years international warranty which can be extended for 4 long years with registration.


Waterman Carène Deluxe comes with a smooth sleek black lacquer barrel which guarantees ultimate writing pleasure. The pen is integrated with 18k gold nib for designing sophisticated curves on page effortlessly. Fashioned like jewel cap with golden trim and 23k gold clip offers vibrant design.

The filling mechanism includes ink cartridges of various colors. The drill point is fine with size fine nib. The pen weighs 6.8 ounces which are a little heavy to hold but guarantee smooth outlay. The pen is embellished in a gift box with a converter and ink.

4.) Pelikan Souveran M600:

Pelikan Souveran M600

Pelikan Souveran M600 is one of the prestigious hand-crafted pens which promises their traditional values to attain in their models of various pens retaining the original quality and standard of the brand.

The pen shows the level of ink through a translucent part of the barrel for easy refilling. The M600 offers interchangeable nib with M400 and has the word “Souveran” engraved on its sleek design barrel. The pen is secured with 3 years of warranty.


The everlasting beauty of Pelikan Souveran is secured with a diamond processed sleeve with precise technology.

The 14k rhodium-plated gold nib is handcrafted available in the size of medium and broad. The filling system is a brass piston from bottled ink.

The hallmark of Pelikan is engraved on the cap crown and at the barrel. The color of the barrel is classic green with a resin finish and a black cap with trims plated with god.

The clip is Pelikan’s beak-shaped gold-plated. The classic plunger mechanism indicates the ink level through the translucent portion. The quality is promised for 3 years of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Smoothest Writing Fountain Pen?

The smoothest fountain pens have fine nib for easy writing and smooth curve experience. Lamy 2000 is the smoothest pen ranked with positive feedbacks.

What Is The Best Quality Of Fountain Pens?

The best quality fountain pens have easy-grip, gold nib, and easy maintenance. Lamy 2000, Pilot 60244, Pelikan Souveran, and Waterman Carène Deluxe are the finest and best quality fountain pens.

What Is The Best Cheap Pen?

Lamy 2000 is ranked under the budget of 200 dollars which provides luxury writing experience.

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