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Fountains pens are a requirement of everyday use for offices, schools, and other academic purposes. The question yet still stands of how far do fountain pens can range for admirers of art and writing?

The answer and price range can be rank on a wide basis on the features, quality, and writing experience of pens. Best fountain pen under 400 and 500 dollars are ranked for the potential investors which offer top-notch quality and reliability.

Best Fountain Pen Under 400

Fountain pens with a vintage touch and precise details sounded like a heavy deal to make but all the features and gold-plated nibs can be acquired within a small budget.

The best fountain pen under 400 dollars which offers a great writing experience with sleek design is no longer a dream for people keeping rich palate for almost everything.

The Pelikan M400 and Pelikan Souveran M405 are the top picks for this range of amount having reliable warranties and luxurious writing experience.

Image Product Details   Price
Pelikan M400 Pelikan M400 Material: Metal
Drill Point: Hard Medium
Color: Black
Pen Weight: 8 Ounces
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Pelikan Souveran M405 Pelikan Souveran
Material: Metal
Drill Point: Medium
Color: Black
Pen Weight: 0.524 Ounces
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Pilot Namiki 60111 Pilot Namiki 60111 Material: Stirling Silver
Drill Point: Fine
Color: Dragon
Pen Weight: 7.8 Ounces
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Pelikan M400 994939 Pelikan M400 994939 Material: Metal
Drill Point: Fine
Color: Black
Pen Weight: 12 Ounces
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Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Pelikan M400:

Pelikan M400

The history of Pelikan M400 marked itself when it initiated as ‘Souveran’ in the eighties when Model 400 is launched first in 1950. The model is differentiated from others due to its piston mechanism which doesn’t require ink bottles or ink cartridges but tube fill.

The pen is especially craved in Germany and assures quality features with a sleek design. The pen offers 3 years of warranty and includes a gift box.


The model is designed for the people appreciating classics. The pen offers an easy and steady grip due to the thin section of the barrel.

The pen offers high-quality resin with a nib size of hard medium. The cap is engraved with two golden rings.

The Pelikan’s beak-shaped clip is made of pure gold. the model is also known for its classic striped design. The ink capacity is 1.3ml.

The nibs are interchangeable with other similar models of pens and assure the quality and smooth writing. The Pelikan M400 is a vintage model that retains its performance and fine working.

2.) Pelikan Souveran M405:

Pelikan Souveran M405

Pelikan Souveran M405 comes in Pelikan engraved pouch and has a medium drill point. The metal body is made stylish and sleek with an easy-grip mechanism.

The pen is palladium plated with a piston mechanism. The pen is further presented in the gift bow other than the pouch. The pen is back up with 3 years of warranty which means fine working by the pen for a long time.


Pelikan M405 Souveran is a fountain pen with a pen-carrying pouch that has an elastic band and Pelikan medallion on it.

The pouch has a logo of Pelikan at the bottom. The pen has 14k gold medium nib which provides a smooth flow of ink.

The pen has a traditional Pelikan bill clip with a logo on the top of the cap with a glossy finish. The bottom of the cap has two bands one being thicker than the other.

The barrel is translucent made to indicate the ink levels. Overall, the pen gives a finishing and sleek look with gold plated detailing. Pelikan has always succeeded in making smooth writing nibs pens with quality and sleek finish.

The model weighs 0.528 ounces due to gold and metal body but can easily be handled due to its supporting body.

Best Fountain Pen Under 500

Fountain pens are in use for over a long period of time which connects them with vintage and traditional times of writing and art. For now, best fountain pens are listed in various price ranges offering a different set of qualities and writing experiences.

Best fountain pen under 500 dollars are now available at the vast range but ranking Pilot Namiki and Pilot M400 as best of the quality fountain pens.

3.) Pilot Namiki 60111:

Pilot Namiki 60111

Pilot Namiki 60111 fountain pen is enriched with tradition and art. It is a prestigious gift for collectors and specialists. Namiki is a lifetime gift that can be offered to loved ones. This amazing writing tool is made with special care and elegance.

The silver color marks the luxury sleek look with engraved dragon design on the cap and barrel as well. The pen is retractable for keeping the nib save from exposure when not in use. The Stirling silver body is what catches the attention of every admirer.


The pilot is making pens for over 100 years now with exceptional and trusted quality guaranteed. Pilot Namiki 60111 is a splendid pen with enriched design and elegant finishing.

The 19k gold rhodium nib provides a smooth flow of ink with utmost ease and without any sort of pressure.

The pen comes in a black gift shop ensuring the protection of the delicacy of the pen. The fill type it offers is a converter and cartridge.

The pen weighs 7.8 ounces which can be easily lifted and handled while writing. The catching design with hawk, dragon, and Mt. Fuji etched on cap and barrel is what makes it unique and stylish.

4.) Pelikan M400 994939:

Pelikan M400 994939

Pelikan M400, part of the Souveran series by Pelikan is stated as a modern classic. It is the most compact model but balanced by its sophisticated and gleaming design.

The pen has gold-plated flings with fine ink points. Back up by 3 years of warranty, Pelikan M400 is a dreamy classic and stylish pen.


Gold trim fountain pen with gold-filled clip, black cap, and barrel and astonishing finish and trim, Pelikan M400 stands its way through highly crafted and sleek design. The 14k two-tone fine type nib provides an easy and smooth flow of the ink.

With the ink capacity of 1.1ml, the translucent body of barrel indicates the in levels. The cap type is threaded and has a piston filling system. the clip is in the shape of Pelikan’s peak and gold-plated.

The model comes in two colors: one is black and the other is blue in which the barrel is of blue color. The model M400 is slightly smaller than M600 and offers interchangeable nib with similar models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Smoothest Writing Fountain Pen?

The smoothest writing fountain pen is ranged differently in terms of amount. Pelikan M400, Pelikan M405 is a top-ranked finest pen in the range of 400 dollars and Pelikan Namiki and Pelikan M400 stand finest in range of 500 dollars.

Are Fountain Pens Worth It?

Fountain pens mark their importance as an expensive gift to present and truly essential of connoisseur and specialists.

Is A Fountain Pen Good For Everyday Use?

Fountain pens are indeed used on daily bases. The top-quality fountain pens mark prolong warranty time to ensure reliable use.

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