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LED bulbs for projectors is a necessity these days because of unstable temperature, crowded traffic, and hustle roads. The fact that different vehicles include different sets and sockets for joining headlights range wide variety and models for projections. The Best H11 Led Bulb For Projector is enlisted for convenient comparison and choice.

Things To Consider Before Buying:

Efficiency: The efficiency of the headlights can be determined with the comparison of lumens output to its wattage. The lower rate of wattage with higher lumen output provides more efficient working of the bulb. The typical range of wattage includes 40 to 50 watts per lumen and 80 to 100 lumens in comparison to 1 watt.

Fitting/Cap: The fitting of the headlight is the most essential factor to consider while making the selection of the model or sets. The upgrading to LED from incandescent bulbs provides a similar fitting, it just requires to look for the fitting of caps.

Rated life: The average and rate lifespan of the bulb determines its durability. The average rate for the lifespan rank between 15, 000 to 30, 000 hours to even the higher number to 50, 000 hours. LED headlights are more efficient to use as standard incandescent light provides an average lifespan between 1000 to 2000 hours.

My Top Pick:

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight stands out among its competitors due to its ultra-quality best beaming pattern. The advanced quality thermal protection from heatsink technology protects the unit resulting in insecure usage.

Best H11 Led Bulb For Projector

ProductsAverage LifeLightning TypeLumen Per SetWeightPrice
HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight60,000 HoursLED12000k12.8 Ounces Check Price
SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11 900530,000 HoursLED6000k1.18 Ounces Check Price
PHILIPS - 12362B2 Philips H11800 HoursAutomotive-exterior-headlight-bulbs4300k1.6 Ounces Check Price
BEAMTECH H11 LED30,000 HoursAutomotive-Exterior-Tail-Light-Bulbs6500k8.8 Ounces Check Price
AUXITO H11 LED 30,000 HoursAutomotive-Exterior-Headlight-B6500k7.2 Ounces Check Price

The quality brightness level is suitable according to both day and nighttime. The unit includes complete quality performance and durability with better visibility.

1.) HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight: (Best Seller)

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight

HIKARI Ultra LED is built to provide efficient technology with the best rated beaming pattern. The extended compatibility of the headlights provides its easy installation and convenient selection upon other competitors’ LED headlights in the market.

The high brightness level with incredible lifespan provides the best and reliable performance for long usage. The attractive design adds to your vehicle’s overall look with the sleek architect and the best range of white light. The advanced heatsink technology stabilizes the temperature with better efficiency and offers clearer visibility at night times.


HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight provides the best beaming pattern that ensures the even spread of the projection light. It is ranked as the best H11 LED bulb for a projector with high tec. The light offers numerous options and features that allow reliable performance.

The brightest of the bolts with patented design and an efficient replacement for halogen lights H11. It not only provides its compatibility with H11 but also able to connect with H8 and H9. It has replaced the yellow light requirement by upgrading to modern while light technology and attractive design.

The maximum lumens rate per pair is ranked for 12000 units that are much brighter and efficient than that of halogen H11 bulbs. The incredible and mind-blowing average lifespan of 60, 000 hours ensures it guaranteed durability. The light utilization is improved with the ultra-thin heat sink installation. The focused lighting is what makes it use the most efficient and high rate in the market.

What We Like
  • Maximum light output of 10000 lumens
  • High rate of average life hours
  • Compatible with sockets of H8 and H9 as well
  • Cool white light of 6K
  • Slim and sleek design
What We Don't Like
  • Not a durable option
  • Not compatible with car options
  • Need of separate adapter


HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight is known for its unmatched beaming pattern with efficient quality activity hours and reliable performance.

2.) SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11 9005: (Easy Installation)

 SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11 9005

SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11 9005 is designed with the most simple yet elegant design for convenient installation and reliable performance. The plug and play wireless design of the headlights is a suitable and better substitute for halogens headlights.

The silent operation performance is due to no-fan integration and advanced heatsink technology for stabilized temperature and performance. The best quality white light is equipped within the headlights instead of dull yellow lights for clearer visibility at nighttime as well. The promising brightness level adds to its reliability and performance.


SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11 9005 is an LED bulb for projectors installation that allows you ultimate reliability and performance.  The easy installation of 10 minutes enables any common person to adjust the unit as per need. The non-polarity design for plug and play provides convenient built with no additional tools to fit.

The consistent lighting offers no glare and dark spots and doesn’t blind the coming traffic with any sort of blinking. It offers more efficiency than that of halogen bulbs. The compact and silent design mainly provides a fan-less mechanism with an advanced heatsink system to tackle the excessive heat and offers longevity and durable performance. The extended lifespan is to be claimed for 30, 000 hours after rigorous testing for its durability.

It is positioned for high beam performance that offers 130 percent of a better brightness level. The bright headlights are equipped with modern white lights of 6000K power with a super-focused mechanism.

What We Like
  • Wide beam pattern with no dark spotting
  • Won’t blend with other devices
  • Cut through fog light
What We Don't Like
  • Need to install decoder


SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11 is capable of offering cut through light visibility with advance heatsink technology that allows durable and prolong performance.

3.) PHILIPS – 12362B2 Philips H11: (Reliable Built)

PHILIPS – 12362B2 Philips H11

Philips has continuously designed innovative and advances quality automotive lightning for over the past 100 years with greater efficiency. PHILIPS – 12362B2 Philips H11 is capable of adjusting with all kinds of vehicle models.

The white light performance is sharp and crispy enough to provide clear visibility in presence of fog with no dark spots and glare. The high-quality glass absorbs high temperatures providing secure use of the headlights.

This high-resistance quality material then provides an alarming precaution in case of any potential mishap. The durability of the headlights is claimed in form of 3 years warranty.


PHILIPS – 12362B2 Philips H11 provides an excellent value for all types of applications. This LED light is equipped with original quality components that then offers durable performance.

The symmetric light beam for both the headers provides a balance projection on the roads. It is then advisable to replace both the headlights together when required. With 4,300K white crisp light, this headlight enables you a clearer version of the road.

H11 bulb is built with UV-Quartz glass that is stronger than the hard glass and acquires high-resistance against excess temperate and vibrations. This then eliminates the risk for any accidental damage and failure.

The beam pattern is longer than that of previously designed halogens headlights and provides 60 percent more clear view that improves level of safety providing time for reaction is case of potential hazards. The unit is back up with 3 years of warranty with reliable performance guaranteed.

What We Like
  • DOT compliant
  • Reliable performance
  • Cut thorough light
What We Don't Like
  • Shorter battery life
  • Dim light display


PHILIPS – 12362B2 Philips H11 offers durable and prolong performance with sharp and crisp white light that offers better visibility.

4.) BEAMTECH H11 LED: (High Brightness Level)


BEAM TECH H11 LED assured quality performance with its quality components and technology. The reliable and superior brightness level is adjusted per needs of day and night time due to the Korean Chip installation.

The durable lifespan of the unit adds to its further efficiency and affordable range of usage. The quality built of the headlight is back up with a lifetime offer of replacement with secure usage as it doesn’t include voltage or any current mechanism.


BEAM TECH H11 LED is built with the newest modern technology of Korean CSP double-sided chips that allows the production of 8000 lumens of light output in each set. The increased number of lumens at night include the measure of 4000lm for increasing safe driving and white light with the color temperature of 6500k Xenon.

The straight range of light beam which is closely related to halogen design provides balance out-through and clear vision. The prolonged lifespan of 30, 000 hours guarantees its durability and quality. The manufacturers claim a free replacement for a lifetime providing the user prolong peace of mind. The headlight is built with advanced technology which enables to stabilize the temperature offers long usage of headlights.

The headlights don’t include any usage of high voltage, circuit interference, current setups or magnetic radiations that offers safe use of the headlights without any worries. The installation of the headlights is made convenient for users by detailed picturing and explanation in manual guide.

What We Like
  • Play installation and convenient plug-in
  • Xenon white light of 6500K
  • Durable lifespan
  • Compatible with H8 and H9 sockets as well
What We Don't Like
  • Low quality parts and components installed
  • Not compatible with car models


BEAMTECH H11 LED provides reliable performance as it provides longevity in its usage and convenient installation.

5.) AUXITO H11 LED: (Reliable Performance)


AUXITO H11 LED allows the best quality performance due to advanced features and chips with an incredible measure of brightness level. The promising white light is capable of providing clearer vision with optimal clarity in the nighttime as well as daytime stability.

The consistent beam light eliminates any sort of dark spots and glare which provides you with balance light. The comprehensive cooling system allows stable temperature for the headlight allowing protected use. The quality built is assured with an aluminum frame with its extended compatibility.


AUXITO H11 LED is equipped with double-sided chips of ZES that provide 12000lm light output in a set. It offers better visibility for night rides due to the installation of the white light of 6500K units. The brightness level is 200 percent brighter as compared to stock bulbs and allows a reliable performance.

These lightbulbs provide extended compatibility for H8 and H9 sockets as well. It is built primarily with the purpose to replace halogen bulbs with better efficiency and performance. The unit results in no dark spots or glare with no blinking for a better view. The cooling fan mechanism rates at 12,000RPM with a waterproof standard of IP65.

The body of the lamp is built with aviation aluminum that ensures strong built for durability. The average lifespan of 30, 000 hours is guaranteed in all kinds of weather including rainy days, unstable weather, and continuous usage.

The extended compatibility with 99 percent of systems is done due to an intelligent IC driver. The headlights are free from any dependency upon external connectors and drivers providing wireless design and non-polarity socket for easy plug and play.

What We Like
  • High speed cooling fan
  • Incredible and reliable lifespan
  • Wireless plug and play design
What We Don't Like
  • Not a durable option to opt
  • Prone to breakage due to standard components


AUXITO H11 LED is built with modern technology that allows a balance light through and universal compatibility with all the models of vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can LED Bulbs Be Used In Projector Headlights?

 LED bulbs may be used in projector headlights but can’t perform efficiently. In most cases, Halogen bulbs would be more effective than LED.

What Are The Best LED Bulbs For Projector Headlights?

The best-LED bulbs for projector headlights are SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11 9005, and PHILIPS – 12362B2 Philips H11 that offer reliable performance and a high rate of durability.

What Is The Best H11 LED Bulb?

The best H11 LED bulb is HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight for its unmatched beaming pattern and white light quality.

Is H11 Bulb High Or Low Beam?

H11 bulb for the projector is equipped with a low beam for fair and even spread projection upon the screen.

 Buying Guide

Types Of Projector Headlights:

The projector lights exist in categories including Halogen, HID, LED, and Halo. Halogen headlights are traditional and initial for headlights manufacturing and still offer a great deal of performance.

HID requires more power supply but still proves to be a reliable option. LED is the latest technology with more efficient and prolonged performance. Halo technology is rare and exclusive due to its less availability.

Installation Capability: 

The level of difficulty attached to the method of installation relates to the reliability of the product. The simple and easy installation capability of the headlight will be, the easier it gains the trust of the customers.

Brightness And Maintenance: 

The brightness and maintenance level of the headlights is an important point to put extra thought into. Normally, headlights started flickering as they are used and became dim over time. It is important to ask for the lifespan and maintenance of the unit and measure of brightness level.

Adapter Design: 

The adaptor design must include the directional angle of 360 that allows you a wider view from all the sides that then protects you in case of any potential damage or nondirectional vehicle coming your way.

Light Output: 

The light output is measure in lumens which directly affects the performance of the headlights. Higher the light output of the headlight, the better visibility it provides.

Cooling Technology: 

The cooling technology includes the installation of fans or advances heatsinks technology according to the advanced manufacturing of the headlights. The sustainable cooling technology must include reliable built for keeping the optimal temperature sustained.

Color Temperature:

 The color temperature refers to the emission of white light it emits. The warm white light would be dull and cool white lights would be bluer and allows a clear vision on the roads. it is measured in Kelvins and ranges from 2000k to 6500k.

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